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Now on my forth rescue pack !!! I have been put on house arrest as we laughingly call it.

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Dry unproductive cough, I’m on oxygen 24/7 which makes me shaky, and those of you who are awake sleep or lack of is a big problem. HELP....

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I have had a dry cough, that makes me cough till I gip, on and off for 3 weeks now. As soon as the coughing starts, cold like symptoms come with it and disappear as soon as rhe choking does.

The cough is from my throat. xx

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etch45 in reply to casper99

Morning Casper have you been taking your rescue pack? I have had four lots now and am pretty fed up with it all. Sick of being you take anything for your cough? If so what? And does it work? I have been told lots of bugs are lurking and the flu virus...we Can’t win can we .😂

Keep as well as you can

Sheila. aka etch45 🦋

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casper99 in reply to etch45

I don't have a rescue pack etch45, I have only had one chest infection in 6 years.

My SIL's mother has COPD and is always getting coughs that turn into an infection. She got her some lemsip dry cough medicine and she said after 2 teaspoons, she hasn't had to give her it again since.

She has got me some today and is dropping it in so, I'll let you know if it works.

She got it at half price but, it's gone back up to £8.00.

Nearly everyone I know has either had or got a cold or flu. It's been rife this winter. Roll on spring! xx

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etch45 in reply to casper99

Casper I agree ROLL ON SPRING...I tried lem sip it helped to ease my throat but didn’t touch the cough....gosh only one infection in six tears ... I’m suitably jealous 😷 keep well

Sheila aka etch45 xx

Hello etch45 .

I can imagine your frustration . When you say you are on your fourth pack of rescue meds, is that continuously or has there been some reprieve in between? I am assuming you went back for the rescue packs? What did your doctor have to say about this? And is he/ she a pulmonologist? Or a GP?

Sorry things are so difficult at the moment. And I really hope you feel better very soon.

Best wishes,

Cas xx 🌻🌞🌼

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etch45 in reply to Caspiana

Cas it was continuous with the rescue packs, no reprieve between. At the time I was under the respiratory team ( they are excellent) and look after me very well.It was my pulmonologist who also saw me and told me to stop when I f inished the forth pack. I have now don’t feel much better 😕.

Thanks Cas.

Sheila aka etch45 xx

I just want to send you get well wishes Sheila as you seem to be going through it at the moment. Take care xxxx

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etch45 in reply to sassy59


Thank you for your get well wishes. I am on the mend now thank goodness.

I was going through the poor me stage......( I think )

Onwards and upwards as they say.🙂 hope you are keeping well.

Sheila aka etch45 xxx

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sassy59 in reply to etch45

So pleased you are on the mend Sheila and hope you stay well. We’re doing ok thank you, just waiting to hear from hospital re Pete. Take care xxx

So sorry you’re suffering, etch45. Think I know how you must feel. I had a run of three rescue meds before Christmas - seemed to be feeling rotten FOREVER. My husband, also with lung problems, has had a worse time, with no breaks at all, changes in antib’s, X-rays and CT scan etc, but at the end of it all, it was decided by medics, just an entrenched lung infection, started by a particularly vicious virus going round. His lungs back to normal for him now but fatigue still a problem, though he is now going through investigations for anaemia too 😳 A long and hard road! Good luck and hope you’re feeling better very soon xx

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etch45 in reply to Yatzy

I was told I also had a virus and antibiotics are not going to help that.fatigue is a problem, but to be honest I just can’t be bothered 😕.i

My lung function is 38% and maybe that is why I’m taking a long Time t o recover.

Thanks Breathezee

Sheila aka etch45 x

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Yatzy in reply to etch45

Hope you'll get through this very soon. February today, spring must be on its way. Yes, 38% will explain your slow progress I'm sure. We're feeling much better here good as it gets anyway! Scared to go out much in case we pick up another virus/flu. Ok to say virus don't respond to antib's but lead to bacteria in lungs in us....had the sputum samples tested....we proved it!! Anyway, take care. It is depressing when recovery so slow......Penny aka Breathezee 🌺

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etch45 in reply to Yatzy

Hi Penny

Thanks for reminding me spring is just round the corner,I always feel better coming out of winter.

My respiratory nurse is back to see me tomorrow, been very good they come once a week, think they are making sure I’m behaving 😀.

I note your husband also has lung problems, I really hope you both start to feel better soon , it’s no fun is it !!!i get quite concerned with hospital visits, all the bugs and germs that seem to be there....was there today and asked if I could sit somewhere less crowded as people were coughing and sneezing. Anyway Penny take care both of you.

Sheila 🤧 😷 x

etch45 I have had three rescue packs since Christmas and still not right. I am on nothing at the moment, going to see how it goes. I have a persistent cough that brings up White Mucus, before it was unproductive - While I feel somewhat better than at my worst, I am nowhere near right and am waiting to see a Speech therapist as my food moves very slow and backs up and a danger it can enter my windpipe. That causes in infection and makes COPD worse and harder to diagnose - I am being taught how to swallow a different way it seems...Lots of people have been ill this year, been the worst year for me for years.

Not a lot we can do but keep warm, that's important, take our rescue packs and wait to get better. I hope you feel better soon and try not to worry, a lot of us in the same boat this year.

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etch45 in reply to Ern007

Thanks Ern007 I’m intrigued with what you said about food ,I sometimes have the same feeling ( thought I was rushing my food). Please will you keep me updated on that. Thanks. Sheila aka etch45 x

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Ern007 in reply to etch45

I am going to the speech therapist next week, so I will keep you informed. Also I will copy the what what spotted on my Barium Swallow. that will give you e better idea. I get a letter copied tome,from some consultants. This was very informative,,

I am also now on oxygen 24/7 and I also have a constant cough I cannot get rid of. You say the oxygen makes you shaky in what way? I have started recently to feel unsteady on my feet when getting up during the night or on getting up in the morning then it settles after a short while. I suppose I should make an appointment with the GP really but reading your post I wondered if its the oxygen

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etch45 in reply to gingermusic

I am very unsteady also, and too my disgust I now have a Zimmer frame argh.... ( feeling old now ) but must say helps when I first start to move..

Thanks ginger music,

Sheila. X

Hi Sheila aka etch45. I bet it's the steroids keeping you awake. I find them an absolute nightmare for that and the constant coughing won't help. A spoonful of honey in hot lemonade eases my cough. Like you I'm on LTOT but any shakiness I have I blame on one of my inhalers. Hope you feel better soon- another Sheila xx

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etch45 in reply to mskpjb

Sheila thanks, I was starting to blame the oxygen. X Sheila

I would suggest that if the rescue packs contain the same medicine, then you will need to change to another more suited to the problem you have now? My GP surgery do not do Rescue packs and their reason is there is not a fix all antibiotic so it is better to prescribe what they see as the best option.

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etch45 in reply to Offcut

Thanks Offcut

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