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I had pneumonia about 2 yrs ago, just before xmas I had a chest infection but cudent see a doctor till after xmas, he gave me steroids and antibiotics, iv got asthma, I took them all felt no better end up phoning my doctor who said he thought it had turned into pneumonia so he sent an ambulance, I was told I was being treated for a life threating asthma attack, I was takenen to the hospital had xrays and ct scan and was told I had pneumonia and pleurisy, I was given antibiotics and sent home then rushed back again a week later I was given intrvenas antibiotics and sent home again as there was no beds its 2 wks nowand im finally feeling like im starting to get better, iv got to go back in 5wks for xrays.

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I hope you are on the mend at last xx


Hello sheila-taylor4 and welcome to the forum. You sound to have had a rough time of it lately and I hope the feeling better continues.


As long as you are on the mend that's the main thing ๐Ÿ˜Š

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I wish you well, it's an awful thing to have. Main thing is rest and rest and rest. Even if you feel better don't go out and don't start doing lots. It takes months to get over and if you take it easy, rest, drink loads of fluids and get vitamins to build yourself up you'll recover better. A berrocca everyday and herbal tea may help.


Pneumonia takes a couple of months to get over, look after and be kind to yourself ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š x


Get well soon


Yes, get well soon.


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