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Respiratory Arrest

Hi, i had a respiratory arrest on 3rd January at home. I didn’t know what was happening except I couldn’t breathe. Managed to ring ambulance and text neighbour before I collapsed. I woke up in trauma dept, of A&E. I spent 9 days in hospital getting better followed by the rest of the month convalescing at home.

I’m a lot better now than I was but it scares me that it will happen again.

I’ve been told if I need to take 3 or more puffs of ventolin I need to see GP as my asthma medications aren’t working effectively.

I’ve decided to cut my hours at work, I was struggling to do a full day, so cutting them down to 6 hours.

I wanted to post about it as I know I haven’t been well with chest infections for quite a few months I didn’t know it would get so serious.

One doctor says it was because of my lung disease, bronchiectasis, others say an allergic asthma attack. All I know is my back was aching (probably not related), which I thought was a kidney infection and had made an appointment with the GP for that and my asthma too, not being well over Christmas and new year. Thought I had the cold bug going around. My hands and feet starting itching terribly, my dream wouldn’t stop it, then my breathing got bad and my ventolin was having no effect. With that my blood oxygen kept going lower.

I just wonder if the itching had was a warning sign, if anyone else had experienced anything similar?

Apologies for the long post. I’m just wary and a little bit frightened.

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Hi pearly I know exactly how you feel I was in hospital as was struggling to breath and then next thing I remember I couldn't take a breath at all, next thing an hour later I'm awake in a&e, it still scares me to death now that feeling of not being able to take any air at all. The itching is more than a coincidence as I had the same mad itching on my left foot with intense dryness and I scratched till it bled, I just put it down to my eczema, but my stay in hospital my itching stopped and dryness and cracked went completely, now I have come back home it's starting to flare up again, although not as bad, interesting to think that someone else has noticed this. I commented to my partner about it but he was just as confused as me, will be interesting to find out what others think, Thankyou for posting this xx


Thanks for your reply, Usgang. I told the docs at Hospital snout the itching and they was going to put me on anti histamines until I told them I’m on two a day already.

I think it’s something to watch out for with the itching. Wether a coincidence or not, my husband found on internet where it can be related to an asthma attack but I’ve not found the relating info.

Hope you don’t have a Respitary Arrest again. Thanks again for your reply. x


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