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Lower respiratory tract infection

I have asthma and have been unwell with flu since 27th December which then resulted in LRTI. I’ve had 3 courses of steroids and 2 different courses of antibiotics. I’m still very breathless and coughing up green stuff. The GP listened to my chest on Tuesday and told me my chest is now clear but sent me for a chest x-Ray (results in 10 days) but not giving me any more meds so why am I still feeling like this? I’m still in pain and absolutely shattered due to lack of sleep.

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Miley, This sort of thing happens to me a lot, I put it down to the amount and force of coughing. I know in my case I have given myself two Hernia's due to the cough and for days after the cough stops my ribs and chest are always painful because of the strain imposed on them.

Not saying this the case for you but worth considering. I hope the x-ray comes back OK but surprised it is going to take 10 days:(


Hello Miley1972 .

I too am surprised they results of an x-ray takes so long. I am sorry you are not doing well. Excessive coughing can cause pain. And not getting any sleep is bound to hinder your improvement. Do you have a temperature? Perhaps call up the doctor's again and say that you really are struggling and try to get an earlier appointment that ten days away? It's rather too long to wait.

Sending a gentle hug.

Cas xx 🙋🐕


Thank you. I was at the doctors on Tuesday and was breathless but when listening to my chest he said it was clear. He sent me for the x-ray as a precaution and they confirmed it would be 10 days before I get the results. I just feel unwell and shattered. I can understand the pain especially with all the coughing I’m doing but can’t understand the breathlessness?

After being unwell since 27th December I just want to be well again.


Hi I’m in same situation had ct scan last week goodness knows when I will get the result. Don’t like being given so many abs as they don’t seem to be helping my chestiness breathing or cough ! Mine since 22nd December.


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