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Lung cancer


My husband has lung cancer, and is going to have radiotherapy, the thing I am worried about is he is 87, does any one know anybody that enjoys good health after this.

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Hi I'm sorry that I can't help with this but someone will be along who may have had experience of this. x

I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s illness. I can’t answer your question myself but I’m sure lung specialists can give some information.

A very good centre for lung cancer is the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation in Liverpool. They have a helpline: 0800 358 7200 and a website: with advice available.

They’re very approachable and friendly, I know. I hope you feel able to contact them, it’s a charity I try to support. I came across them when my husband was in the Liverpool Heart and Lung Hospital with suspected lung cancer.

Good luck, Marie, to you and your husband.


My dad’s going for radiotherapy as to ill for chemo.

A lot depends on cancer and where it is and how well you are.

Marie22 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Jeff

Thankyou breathezee xx

My sister had radiotherapy and chemo and there is no doubt she enjoyed an extra year plus which she would not have had otherwise. She was 85.

Marie22 in reply to Tetrazzini

Thanks very much tetrazzini, that sounds hopeful

What do the doctors say? I sure hope it goes well and will pray for him that the treatments will be successful.

Marie22 in reply to jackdup

All went well, my husband had the radiotherapy 13 days and is now coughing well getting better by the day, and enjoyed his 88 birthday, we go out in the car every day, have a little walk, and have a coffee or glass of milk

jackdup in reply to Marie22

That is very good to hear and appreciate you updating us.

Marie22 in reply to jackdup

Wish I could write more, but writing on the iPad, difficult, can't get into my laptop, can't remember which password and they won't believe which road I lived in during my childhood. I do have memory problems but where I lived I do remember ha ha

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