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Hi I'm diane 44, diagnosed with copd October 2015,Since then had lots of recurrent chest infections,Yes I'm a smoker, have been for nearly 30 years.I currently use a seebri inhaler, and also ave a blue one, when needed.However last 2 weeks had tight chest,Wasnt sure if it was s flare up of my copd.Got given steroids of my dr,Since Saturday my shortness of breath has got worse,and the cough wont go away.Today I coughed up fresh blood with lots of mucus.I had a chest xray on Monday, just waiting for results, they said 7/10 days.Im going to see the Respitary nurse tomorrow at my drs surgery.Could I ask for a ct scan as I have a pain in my chest and also in my shoulder at times.

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Welcome dids and hope your appointment goes well tomorrow. Ask about a ct scan by all means. Xxxx

Hello dids19, and welcome to our forum. Well firstly I have to state the obvious and that is to ditch the fags, I know just how hard that is but it has to be done. There are so many of us on here that have done the same and you will get all the support you need to get there diane . Shortness of breath, panic attacks, and coughing is all part and parcel of copd. It sounds like you are having a bad time at present. I think you should go straight back to your G.P and let him know that your coughing up blood. Also he should arrange for you to have a C.T scan. Once you have the proper tests, then the correct meds will follow. I hope you feel better soon Diane, and there are lots of people here. that can offer you good, friendly advice at any time, so your not alone. Let us know how you get on please ✋️😊

Well I think they will want to see the results of the x-ray before ordering more tests. In my experience unless you have unusual symptoms they won't agree to a CT scan.

Also if you are still smoking they are more reluctant to treat you is my experience too. I was diagnosed mild copd 9 years and am lucky enough to still be mild despite only stopping smoking (smoked for 44 years) last August. You might not be quite so lucky and carrying on can accelerate your illness to the more severe stages.

This was what made me eventually stop, seeing all the folk on here who are severe, and how despite their positivity and optimism struggle to have a good quality of life. Dying is easy but suffering for years isn't.

The Quit smoking site on here helped me a lot so why not have a look? x

It is how it goes sadly it happened to me I carried on with the fags like you I had smoked 40 odd years until I ended in AE with pneumonia it shook me up I haven't touched a fag since and never hope to either and I feel better already I hope you feel better soon but please try to give up xx

I was given a ct scan that’s how I was diagnosed went into hospital with diverticulitis and they found I had emphasima as well.

It would be worth getting it done just to ease your mind💕

I gave up smoking 6 months before diagnosis of COPD after noticing clear coloured sticky mucus . It scared me and I started by cutting the ciggies down to no more than 1 per hour and after a few weeks made an appointment to see a lady at my GPs surgery who prescribed patches. I was told to start taking them in 3days time. So had 22 on my last day but never smoked any after putting on the first patch. Didn't feel good for weeks afterwards but it got me off my 35 year habit. Hope you get some support to get you off the habit.

You shouldn't have to ask for a scan. If you have chest pain they should automatically send you

Agreed - coughing up including blood and recurrent chest pains needs a CT - X-Ray a waste of time or an excuse by NHS staff to save money. Demand it (politely) and, if refused, talk to NHS complaint line. It's clear that in some areas of the UK people needing expert pulmonolgy advice are not getting it.

Chriskho in reply to santisuk

Totally agree with santisuk. I should have done it months ago !

I am not meaning to scare you but blood in your spit might be burst blood vesel. Or pymonyi sorry for spelling just woke up . Or blood clot. All can be treated. As i like you have copd. And have had them all. Ps. Dont take the smoke bit to hard as i still smoke yiu give up if and when you ready. Good luck hope things go well for you

Easier said than done, but if you want to live longer, then you have to Pack them in.. Like so many on here who are ex smokers. I, and family & friends quit by using an E, Cig, we have never gone back to smoking, I stopped 4.5 years ago and feel so much better even though I'm on the Transplant List. Packing in enabled me to have Rehab and Exercise Classes and the Gym. I may use Oxygen, But I don't wheeze or cough like I used to, I feel so much better for not Smoking...Good Luck, Be Positive and get your Health Sorted by seeing a Respiritory Nurse. xxxx

Hi Diane and welcome to the forum,

I also had a lot of chest infections, that culminated in pneumonia, which went undiagnosed by the doctor. It was only when I went for a week-end visit to the out patients section of the hospital that they discovered it. They pumped me full of anti-biotics and cleared it. Since then I haven't had a chest infection, but my lung function has gone down, as I still smoke. The chest x-rays that I have had since pneumonia have come back clear, but they actually stated that I had a flattened diagraphm which should have told the doctor that I had emphysema. A lung consultant sent me for a ct scan which showed that I did have emphysema. My lungs have been damaged by smoking but also by getting a lot of chest infections and pneumonia. I believe I had what is known as a hidden pneumonia, which is why I was so susceptible to lung infections. The pain in your chest and arm could be due to over inflated lungs, but as you are coughing up blood I think you have an excellent case for requesting a CT scan, especially as you are so young. I am 55 now and was diagnosed with COPD in 2013. To be honest I didn't have a clue what it was!

Good luck with your appointment and let us all know how you get on.

I pretty much had the same situation back in October . Sob chest pain infection and coughed up blood a couple of days . Was sent to see pulmonary physician who said my chest x ray didn’t show anything up and to see him again in January. Went to see him last week . My lungs have gone further downhill and on my 3 rd lot of abs since xmas! Was pretty fit before October! I had another x ray which he said was “ the same” but then agreed to send me for a ct scan. ( I think if I was still smoking he may not have) I’m still waiting for the results !! I insisted on being referred after the coughing blood incident.

Chriskho in reply to Chriskho

The stopping smoking is very hard. I found this site very supportive but I will always have problems and relapse now and again especially in holidays😬 I use gum mostly.good luck and hope your improved soon.

Hi Thankyou for all ur replies, well complete waste of £8 taxi fare, didn't even see respiratory nurse, just the nurse practitioner, she said my chest X-ray looked normal no abnormalities, she checked my chest and said I've got a severe chest infection so has gave me doxycycline antibiotics, I asked about a ct scan and she said no cos X-ray was normal even though I have copd. She said blood was due to blood vessel, and told me to come back in 6 weeks time 8th march for a spirometry test and will also do my bloods. Fingers crossed the antibiotics start working soon x

Chriskho in reply to dids19

You could also insist on being referred to a pulmonary physician as I did ( finally after 4 years) and he sent me straight away for a ct scan...... and gave me a different diagnosis and lung function level to my COPD ? Nurse back at my GP surgery!!

You could have costgochondritis I would go back to your drs

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