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Sister just been diagnosed with emphasema 20/01/18

Hi everyone ... would very much like some advice please.

My sister was diagnosed on 20/01/2018 with severe emphasema ... shadow on her lung and an 8cm mass on her lung. She also has been told by the hospital that her liver has abrasions on it ... she handed a letter to her Dr today from the hospital and has to wait until the end of the week to be referred to a specialist who will do more tests on her abdomen and to do a throat test to check her lungs. My sister has been smoking cigarettes/weed for 35 years and has now packed up smoking both ... it is now her 3rd day but is finding it very hard ... when she visited her Dr today with letter from the hospital she asked him if she could have some patches to help her ... her Dr said he wouldn't give her them and to continue smoking .. I just want to know why her Dr has told her she can continue to smoke when she has emphasema ... surely the first thing a Dr would advise any patient with emphasema would be to quit .. would anyone on here be able to advise me on this please .... thank you

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Becky 93.

From what you say I reckon your sister needs a second opinion as soon as possible. I have emphysema and have been ill with it for the last month. My doctor would go spare if I was to start smoking.

A shadow on the lung is not a diagnosis, it means there is a shadow that needs investigating to see what it is..

is you sister on any medication, for example inhalers?

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Stopping smoking is a priority for anybody with a lung condition.

Ask the GP for clarification and reasoning behind his comments.

When all the test have been completed and you have a better understanding, come back to us, with as many questions you may have,

There is plenty of support, and friendly folk to help and reassure your self and your sister.


A doctor should advise anyone to stop smoking whether they have a lung disease or not. His response is unbelievable.


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