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Life expectancy


I am just reading lots of information on Google and this site as well that people with pulomanry fibrosis have life expectancy of 3 to 5 year from the date of diagnosis that made me little bid scared and worried.i know every body has to die and it's truth of life but this thought has given me lots of anxiety and stress do need your help

I am 51 year male never smoked drink and mostly vegetarian while my life

before age of 30 no lungs problem and in youth have bad pneumonia with high fever and lots of cough and that is first time I feel breathlessness and asthmatic type symptom but doctor did not prescribed antibiotics at that time .So this cause infection in my lungs and since 20years have on and off sever coughing and breathlessness .CT scan done 2 year back confirm bronchiectasis with associated lung scarring that is fibrosis

So worried now all the time just not much time left for me before I depart to new world

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Please dont believe everything on MR. GOOGLE a lot of inaccurate information can be read if all said was true on there most of us would of been gone years ago xx


Hi there, it's not clear from what you say whether you have actually been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. Since most of the literature (listing the 3 to 5 year prognosis) was produced, 2 drugs are being used to slow the fibrosis process (Nintedanib and Pirfenidone). If you do have PF, then I'm sure your consultant will be looking to get you onto one of these drugs. Also, bearing in mind your age, as your condition worsens, you are likely to be eligible for lung transplant. I have IPF diagnosed 5 years ago. I am now on oxygen and the transplant list but still going strong. Talk to your consultant about all your options, don't get hung up about the 3-5 years stuff, check which condition you have and try to stay positive.

Best Wishes,



Most of the stuff on the internet is about IPF ( idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis) which is difficult to treat, but which people can live much longer than 3-5years. Most sites say that is if untreated. On the other hand Pulmonary fibrosis is of generally known cause (not always) but can be treated somewhat better. Neither is curable, but PF is less rapidly progressive than IPF. I have bronchiectasis and pulmonary fibrosis but currently I am 'stable' but have to contact the consultant if I get worse. I am on 3 litres/ min oxygen for activity. I think you should get your consultant to clarify exactly what they mean before you panic, they often don't express themselves very well. Most of them have forgotten that what is common in their experience is a bombshell to the new patient. I hope this helps a bit. Many blessings xxx


If I believed everything I read on wiki etc I should have died 8 years ago but my last scan shows I am stable etc so please don’t worry, take it one day at a time and focus on living it fully.

Take good care x



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