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Coughing up small bits of blood, Advice please

For approximately 3 weeks when clearing my chest/throat of mucus or coughing up sometimes, I have noticed some small bits of blood, Sometimes blood stain mucus, I went to the doctors just over a week ago who checked me out and said he could hear something on my lungs, He prescribed me antibiotics and sent me for an xray and blood tests. On Friday I went back to the doctors for my results and he advised they were all normal, Yet still I seem to be bringing up small bits of blood amongst the mucus ans sometimes on its own. I have also noticed (sorry for tmi) that the thick mucus that comes from my nose ocasionally has it in also. I have suffered for many years with mucus/phlegm every morning but am now concerned having seeing blood amongst it. I am 34 years old, Heavy smoker for approx 15 years but quit when I turned 30.

Was hoping for some advice from maybe someone who has possibly been in the same situation. Im unsure of what to do next as admitidly I do slightly suffer with health anxiety and my doctor must hate the sight of me. Would it be wise to give it some time to see if things pass or would you go straight back to the Gp's?

Any advice much appreciated.


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Hi usually coughing up small amounts of blood in sputum is down to small infection or coughing bit too much .. More blood than usual could mean more serious illnesses but I am not a medical professional and your doc has already taken bloods and sent u for an x ray so I would try not to worry too much but if it continues for much longer perhaps pop back and speak to your gp again or another doc at the surgery if it makes u feel better .. I too worry but it really doesn't get me anywhere so have learned to deal with things more xx hope your feeling better soon !take care mel Xxx,😊😁


Normally blood stained mucus is due to small blood vessels rupturing when you cough. It should clear up but if it continues do see your GP. Obviously if the blood in your mucus increases you should seek medical help.


HI dazzouk13

I have had the same thing twice and my doctor put it down to coughing too much.😊


You should go back to see your Doc and tell him, that's what you pay your NI and taxes for!

Better to be safe.

Take care.



Hello Dazzouk I have bronchiectasis and have coughed blood on and off for years. The strain of coughing can sometimes cause a small bleed and is not really anything to worry about too much. If you have had the all clear from your Dr try not to worry.

Best wishes


Don't worry, small amounts of bright blood are almost always caused by coughing or a chest infection. As this was the first time it's happened for you, your GP has done the right thing in ordering an x-ray etc, but as these were normal I think you should try and ignore it now, your airways will probably heal in time and you'll stop coughing blood. I get it now & again, with chest infections, then it goes again.

I should think health anxiety can be a misery, imagining all sorts of things wrong with you. Your GP should be happy to try & reassure you. If he/she is unsympathetic, find someone more understanding.


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