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Chest tendering or pain after one month bronchiectasis fibrosis coughing attack

Hi I am having non cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis

So first guide me where should I post my message under bronchiectasis or under plumonary fibrosis

Now since one month coughing a lots do taken a course of antibiotics and now cough is very less and have some cough secretion after morning nebuliser with hypertonic saline . Breathing is also in control but having now chest tenderness pain and when I touch my chest and press then it hurts and definitely not a shooting pain but chest is hurting localised at two position on both lungs

I have been diagnosed in CT scan with focal bronchiectasis in both lower lobe with poorly defined glass opacification

Any advise is very helpful as not feeling well internally going through lots of personal , emotional and health trauma

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Just to add more clarity to the above issues of chest pain

At the time of start of exacbration of bronchiectasis symptom by lots of yellow or green mucus there was no chest pain

By the time the exacbration symptoms improves by antibiotics and others these chest pain start

Presently feeling of cough sectarian in lungs , breathless Ness improve but with additional start of sore chest symptoms particularly at the points of bronchiectasis defected at lower lobes by CT

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Saw a few links for you..it isn’t my disease, I have LAM so sorry I can’t be more help.





Take care xx


Welcome to the forum enm1sg :)

Re where to post, my own opinion is just post it without worrying about the correct category. I could get slammed for this but since so many of us have several overlapping conditions, and since various lifestyle aspects of managing our conditions are similar - diet, exercise etc - I prefer to see all of them.

I think it would work better if there were fewer categories, perhaps with lung conditions all under one heading. I never actually look under categories anyway but just take what interests me from the whole list. But others may not agree . . . :)


Hi O2. You may remember that there were initially 2 choices when posting, questions and blogs. People complained that there needed to be specific topics and some were put in place after consultation. The complaint then was that there are not enough, that different lung complaints should have their own topic and the number of topics was increased. Now members say there are too many...

enm1sg It is always better to chose the topic you think most closely fits what you are posting. If I wished to read all the posts on COPD or all of those on asthma I could click onto the topic to bring them up. Any posts NOT given a topic are never brought back up in the lists.

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Well I did say that people might disagree with me MrsM :) Ive never to this day clicked on a topic. Wonder what I might be missing?



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I think you are right

And for most of lung disease except asthma .line if treatment is same

Like antibiotics ,physio. And others and no permanent cure in nut shell

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Actually, the treatment can be quite different, though of course for infection then we are all going to be prescribed antibiotics. But lots of GPs and even some lung consultants think the treatment for bronchiectasis is the same as treating copd and it really isn't.

But lots of us have several conditions - myself, I have copd, asthma and bronchiectasis, so I want to read the bronch posts as well as those about copd. I know very little about pulmonary fibrosis but I do know that people with that condition also benefit from pulmonary rehabilitation. I just think too many splits into separate categories means we can lose some of the info which might be useful to us even if it was posted for another condition. So I can't really see the point of it.


Hi enm1sg. I have bronchiectasis and asthma along with gastric reflux. I have had bouts of coughing too where ive injured myself, pulled an intercostal muscle between my ribs. Its horrible isnt it. I take Carbocistine tablets to help with mucus production, easier to produce.. it does help, try a flutter valve, it open up airways, also allowing easier access for mucus. Mention to gp/ physio. Hope it helps.


Have bronchX myself (no add-ons). Three year 66yo sufferer with a recurring bronchitis then lung lymphoma history.

Have read many posts from sufferers, some on this website but more on another UK/International one. General consensus seems to be that breathlessness and chest pain that is severe or not severe but troubling and not going away in a few short days are two conditions that one ought to check out with your specialist (hopefully a pulmonologist if the medical world is taking your condition seriously). The specialist is going to at least quiz you in detail and listen to your lungs as a precursor to maybe taking an X-Ray or even CT scan.

Chest pain that does not go away could be a warning of developing pleural effusion or something more sinister, so you would be right to err on the side of caution even though such symptoms often happen with no particular physical cause and no apparent lasting damage. I'm sure most of us bronchX sufferers have had pains or breathlessness and on the point of taking advice have found them to disappear - so don't panic!


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