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Hello everyone I've not written for a while just been busy trying to keep all the balls in the air! Anyhow I feel blessed that my condition seems to be under control ...just . I'm in the process of reducing my prednisilone by 1mg per week. I've made it to 5mg but have developed pain in my chest and I'm coughing a lot more 😑 and have a real problem with fatigue. Anyhow I'm setting myself some challenges this year whilst l still can and my first is to do the Velocity zip wire in Wales!

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Good luck. Wishing you well. Xxxx

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Good on ya Judith.


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Hi Judith

I was just saying this morning that 5mg of pred is what they call a physiological dosage in case you have an adrenal glands insufficiency but my respiratory specialist told me such a small dosage had no anti-inflammatory impact on the bronchia. Interesting because you are seeing your old symptoms reoccurring. I am ok on 10mg but I will try down to 7.5mg as suggested..

Good luck

Fran xx

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