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French soup!!

French soup!!

Hello BLF friends!

Bea sent me a photo of the nice hot soup she had in Paris yesterday..🍝🍜🍲

I like the Family Doctors on BBC, it looks like a nice caring surgery, well-organised..

Got a copy of the endocrinologist report yesterday when I got home. Well he thinks I have been wrongly diagnosed of adrenal glands insufficiency, results were on the low side but didn’t necessitate such a radical I am stuck on steroids as a result but he can wean me off Prednisone and put me on hydrocortisone..if I wish.. Do I??? 😊😃

I will put it on the to do list I think with the endoscopy, the penicillin allergy test, getting the apnea machine, going to see about my right eye, could be macula, doctor said..but when Saturday comes Fran is in front of the telly, her football in one hand, her Guiness in the other 📺⚽️🥅

Aria is giving me the loving look, rubbing her little head on my dressing gown, lying down in front of the ipad, letting me reach over for my cup of tea, had croquettes, time for a sachet..oh she yawnssss 😻

Have a great Saturday xx


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What a beautifully presented bowl of soup......very Parisian. A bit better than my soup in a mug, which doesn't look the same at all.

I have a to do list as well.....blood test for infection, physio for a bursitis on hip, check up after teeth removal......what fun.

I have slight macular degeneration too, and a penicillin allergy, and stuck on oral steroids, but I don't watch football. I have been studying a course on Mediaeval life and that takes me hours as I get sidetracked thanks to all the information via the Internet and my iPad.

You can get videos for cats on the Internet too, I don't know how the screen would cope with the cat claw scratches though.

Take care, thanks for the chat and enjoy the football and your loving cat.


Hi Knitter

Similar lists then 😉

Ah it is a good idea to study I should do that too in due course..Sounds that it keeps you busy and interested.

For now I am on the keep fit marathon😃

You must knit as well? I used to knit, all sorts, even made woolly socks for my husband, you could find good wool in those days, I used to order it from the is coming back to fashion, Bea knits, she orders it I enjoy embroidery, easier to’s good to keep creative, it makes us feel good about ourselves.

Yes I believe they have videos for cats but I’d rather watch mine between a tail or two in my face 😂

Have a lovely day! Xx



The soup looks lovely and very edible. Making me feel hungry, need to have breakfast.

Hope you can work through that “to do” list eventually. Enjoy your Saturday and make a big fuss if Aria.

No plans for us but we’ll see how the day goes. Xxxx


Thanks Carole, have a nice Saturday!!! No plans sounds lovely!! The weather is just awful, I will have to take a taxi in today if not I will get wet through!!

Fran 🤗🤗💕💕

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Well Happy,you are indeed very much in control of your own destiny,very organised and very well educated in your condition and give us all loads of love and support and useful information,but i have noticed one chink in your armour,you don't have an emoji for Guiness.Have a very Happy Fran skis and scruffy xx


Too kind young man 🤗🤗

Too right I need that emoji Skischool!! We must google!!!

Have a good match day my friend and don’t forget Scruffynounette xx

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As has been said, Fran, what a smart bowl of tasty soup! So much better dressed than the leek and potato I made yesterday....tasty and warming though it was, I must confess. I love your plan for football and Guinness - a woman after my own heart ⚽️🥛(colour the lower part black!) It’s all my holidays in Ireland! My team managed another win, how about yours?? You’ve got Neymar but we’ve got Pogba, who looked beautiful in his Away kit, and his nifty footwork matched! Bit on the fiery side maybe....but makes for good viewing!

Our house viewer didn’t show up....too snowy? sat reading in great comfort by blazing fire (plus air purifier!) in a much tidier house than usual. Peace was broken when I heard my Facebook account had been hacked. I’m a bit lazy about passwords, so not only had to change the one on Fb but also other more important ones which matched. Laborious but all different now! Just need to remember them......🤫🤔!!

Hoping you’re putting in a few gentle zeds as I write...2.35am here 🙄 So I’ll say nightie night for now, Penny 💕⚽️😴🤞xx

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Hi Penny

I stayed up late I have the night duty nurse to Tuesday until Bea is back, it made her feel better..So we chatted..I have to get one of those health alarms well I will when Bea gets her own flat.

Well late was 10.30pm for me but then I couldn’t sleep so I watched something on my ipad, can’t remember what😃 That Silent Witness is silly not what it used to be, and the guy in Mc Mafia is nice looking but the story is over the top. Next of Kin, on ITV that is ok although I get tired of those terror stories, it’s all the same..Ahhh I know Girlfriends!! I like girlfriends..I didn’t last the that is for the tv review 😃

Saw your match well done!! Ahhh you like Pogba? His hairdos are memorable!!

Our Paris match is Sunday 8 pm against Lyons on BT Sport. Should be a big one, Lyons is 2nd I think, young and fierce.

Honestly all that polishing for nothing, well at least you enjoyed a shiny afternoon, people can be rude. That house selling must be stressful but you will get there and have your new lovely place.

I hate accounts, passwords and hacking..I don’t like FB but I have all my ex students on it and I can see lovely pictures of their children growing up..

Sleeping well I hope now meditation time for me before the cat jumps on my lap!!!

Take good care 🧚‍♀️🍀☀️🌻

Fran xx

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Hello again 😀

Loving all your comments, they do cheer me. Night nurse for you is a good idea on Bea’s part...she’s a kind Mother, like daughter 💕 Enjoy the match at 8pm. I don’t have a sports channel that shows the big matches. I foresook Sky years ago because I tired of their sales persistence....and my enthusiasm for the game peaked after that, as I retired. I’m into my second season now. It started when my son treated me to a game at Old Trafford for a special birthday present and I found myself in tears as the team came out...I think as a reaction to following them at a distance for so many years, and picking up on the atmosphere of the enormous crowd. I’ve been hooked ever since, became a member etc etc. Live games are a bit cold for me just now, but I will be back!! My daughter and I almost drowned and froze journeying to our last attendance!! Soaked icily through, even to my long johns...ha!! Anyway, get comfy and warm in your armchair, with Aria on your knee, and enjoy the match. Sounds good between the two top teams....come on St Germaine!!! ⚽️

Have a happy evening, Fran 💞👯‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️⚽️💃💃😻 xx


😃😃you are a lovely lady Penny..I imagine you crying your eyes out when Man U is down and jumping up and down at Old Trafford trying to keep warm!! I just sulk when we lose then I get on twitter and moan. Always polite mind you but to the point.

Aria isn’t a lap cat, she sits on top of the sofa and rubs her head against mine making sure I am a territory again! Pheromones said Bea!!

Thank you my dear Penny. Have a lovely evening too xx


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I think you’ve more or less got the picture, about me and ManU !! But I’m here to sympathise 💞 Your team let a very late goal in....oh no! These very late goals are SO annoying!!!! ⚽️ However a glance at the league table shows it has not even made a chink in your position, well out at the and the dreaded Man City are partners! 😂 so not all bad news.

Your comments about Aria sound very much like Jez, the cat I told you about. He would lie behind our heads on the sofa, but if we were so totally distracted by the tv, he would amble over to it, and leisurely, deftly hoist himself up onto the tv (in the days of a bit wider TVs) and lie there cosily looking back at us through slit eyes, with his ginormous tail dropped lazily over the screen! Not so bad for Coronation St, but hopeless for football!!! It was a warm spot I suppose...ha!

Have a lovely day, Françoise....found the cedilla! Much milder here today, ice gone, so might go for a wander down to the canal 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️before lunch. No patisseries here for me!! 😁 xx 👯‍♀️


The soup looks better than mt tin of minestrone!

I was diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency by an endocrinologist twelve months ago, after unsuccessfully try to reduce my steroids to below 5mg. I was supposed to have the test but after several appointments and discussion of my symptoms she diagnosed a i.

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Hi Helen

It tasted nice she said. She loved the House and Object Show but had a migraine in the evening being stuck inside under those bright lights I said . Today she is doing the Paris Off, they are exhibiting artists in galleries for the purpose of that show. It is nice to hear her stories, it changes me from my daily chores 😃

interesting..the endocrinologist said he would have to switch me first to hydrocortisone then taper that down..and he is ready to help me through it but as my respiratory specialist said 5mg does nothing for your bronchia or your aches and do I want to.. no not really..but today I am down to 9mg and will try that for a week, slowly to go back to 7.5mg and see if it has an impact or not..difficult to do in the winter as well..

Reading the report I discovered I had comobordities!! I looked that up!!

So several diseases of course make a diagnosis more complex.

Anyway going to the sport centre swimming..raining will be a happier place than home watching my wet garden!!

Take care Helen xx



Paris is my favourite city, although we haven’t been for a few years.

I’ve got down to 7.5mg of steroids and that dose works ok for me on both my lungs and my joints. When I tried 5mg my breathing was really bad and my hands too painful to do anything much.

I looked at your link for comobordities - very interesting, not a word I’d heard before.

We’ve been to our son’s house for lunch today. He lives in Bourton on the Water - a nice drive down usually, but today it was snowing before we set off, and on the way back it was torrential rain. The bit in between (lunch) was very nice.

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Glad you like my home town Helen🗼💞

Well that’s encouraging if I can get to 7.5mg and it does the trick it would be ideal, thank you for the info.

What a word yes! I thought that’s all I need..

Where is Bourton? Never heard of it.

Torrential rain here too, the sport centre was full. I found a small place in the swimming pool and I exercised in the water, it felt good. Had a hot shower, they have those big ones, washing all the negative vibes away, and felt better for it.

Poor Aria was waiting for me behind the front door, bored as ever. I have tried to show her we have put in a catflap for her, she will not consider it! 🙀

Have a good evening Helen 🌷🌹🌺🌸🌼


My nice lung consultant (the other one is nice but a bit scary - he’s an army colonel) said there’s not much difference re damage they can do to your body, between 5mg and 1” mg.

Bourton is in the Cotswolds. It’s very touristy in the summer - lots of Americans and Japanese, but very quiet on snowy days like today.

Our cat doesn’t go out in the winter - she’s definitely a warm weather creature! The two dogs don’t like rain either but they don’t have any choice about going out!


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