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My (EV1/FVC %) values

Hi.. I am 60 years old male. I can be categorized as a heavy smoker while I was smoking at less 30 cigarettes a day along 38 years. After; I faced serious birthing problems before 5 months I quit smoking. What I want to learn about is my (EV1/FVC %) predicted value is %76 and the best is %59. My FEV1 is around %23. My doctor advised me to apply for pulmonary transplant while I am feeling that there is serious correcting ‘n my health last three months. I read a lot of articles about patients who could corrected there FEV1 values after they quit smoking for one year or more? Is there no way for me except pulmonary transplant which I don’t want even to think about? Sorry…if there are some mistakes here..

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Hi I think you are talking about a lung transplant? Unfortunately the damage to your lungs is permanent and can't be reversed but you can learn to use oxygen more efficiently. This could result in an increase in your FEV1, Giving up smoking would allow you more oxygen to use for breathing as would exercise.

It must be a very difficult decision whether or not to go for a lung transplant and I wish you all the best. x


Thanks for your

clarifications... Best regards


Yes you are right ..lung transplant

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Values can rise once action is taken, for example giving up cigarettes and taking daily exercise. This is by no means a cure though and the damage will still be present but doing as advised helps our lungs to operate more efficiently.


Thanks for your atention..I am trieng the daily exercises as walking about 5 km's daily but needing to take a break several times..

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