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Asking for a friend

My friend just got out of the hospital we almost lost her.she haven't had a smoke for over 20+days and she doesn't to smoke anymore . she had influenza . I told her that is going to take a while . but she wants to know when she goes to sleep it feels like she is rushing . like she was really zooming is this normal . I told her that you got to get all that carbon monoxide out of your system..is that right

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I ended up in AE over New Year with pneumonia luckily they did let me home and like her I haven't touched a cig since its 3 weeks now and never want another it frightened me I have a patch and a nicorete stick the only problem I am having is getting and staying asleep at night I'm still watching telly at 2am I dont know whether it is stopping smoking or the steroids I have been on xx


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