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faith renewed in my new GPs

After having a moan a while ago about my named GP( a partner) in my change of doctors; faith has been restored. There is a lovely junior who does a fab consultation but unfortunately has to have all prescriptions signed off by my not so lovely GP so I try to see the lady who is good too, however I decided to see the other partner in the practice and how well I've been treated! I took some sputum as advised on here ; he checked out the usual stuff then gave me a prescription and told me to bring fresh sputum in the morn to be sent to the lab. 2 days later he phoned me and said I had to change anti-biotics immediately and that he was sending my prescription to my chemist and could I get it now (Friday night) He then phoned Monday to check I had my new anti biotics and was ok. As I felt the other partner wasn't taking my condition seriously that really restored my faith in changing to them ( We were culled by our previous doctors of 40+ years as we were out of the area now. ) Its difficult when you change doctors and the new practice doesn't know your history.

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Good to hear. :)



We got caught the same. We moved to a village which was about a 1/4 mile from our old doctors catchment area. I was worried at first, but the staff from doctors to reception are great. No electronic name alert, the old number system, but my old town practice was getting huge and I don't regret moving one bit..BTW - Your new doctors have your history, it should at least all be wired to your new doctors. All the best with your new practice..


Nice to here some good news for a change, hope this approach continues


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