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Pleurisy & work

Hi all. I have just joined as I'm becoming uncreasingly frustrated & down with my recurring asthma. Having had asthma all my life its now becoming worse. I had pneumonia over Christmas & cracked a rib through coughing I stupidly went back to work after the hols thinking I'm only in an office I'll be fine, tabs, prop myself up etc i ly to now be off with another chest infection & pluerisy. I am well aware that people heal at different rates but due to the problems with my chest I changed from a very physical active job working with children to sitting at a desk! I'm worried about my job even though my employers are brilliant there is only so much they can do to supprt me. I would like some advice & experiences of how others cope with the work life aspect & illness. Also any tips on self help would be amazing too? Thanks X

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It can be a challenge to look after your job and your career when you have a lung condition. But if you are not physically well, you are not going to give the best. Sometimes, you have to think "me first" until you are better, and able to cope with the demands of working as well as living. All the best, M.


I see you pseudonym do you have LAM?




LAM is a lung disease lymphangioleiomyomatosis, I have it actually..so I thought..no worries 😊


Sorry I did not understand what you meant. I thought you were saying something about my ise of name 🤣🤣 lol. I have never heard of what you have, I will look into it. Im seeing my doctor again soon so fingers crossed they finally sort me out & i get over it soon! X

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😃 strange coincidence yes..wishing you luck with your asthma, let us know how you are getting on x


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