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I have been diagnosed as very early copd but my doctor has given no information just put me on medication, three times a day for three months and then I have to go back. Is the medication standard for long term, am I likely to be on inhalers always or can they be something I will just need if I notice I am breathless. I was diagnosed by accident in a way, as the heart specialist noticed I had bronchitis and referred me to the chest specialist. I am worried about being on inhalers when I was not aware of breathing problems until I was told I had them. Both inhalers are fixed dose

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Hi and Welcome. First if you smoke try to stop..this is most important. Take your medications religiously. If you are under or over weight take action to rectify the situation. Your weight can affect both your breathing and how you feel. Start exercising but first see your GP to be checked over. There are numerous exercise programmes that can help you. Many on this site swear by exercise and will tell you of the benefits. Be proactive! Find out " How can I help myself"?. Do not Google it... Most of us ended up frightened...COPD is not a death sentence and there is lots you can do to slow progression down. Remember there is no such thing as a daft question...I have already asked them! There are many on this site who can give good advice.


Thank you, very much. I suppose I am worried about taking drugs, as I have been lucky enough not to have to take medicine's long term (apart from eye drops for high eye pressure) before, so was rather hoping taking up a daily walk and blowing up balloons or somesuch would be a replacement for the drugs.


Hi nice to meet you. Many people in the early stages don't need any meds so you might be one of them. I never advise not taking prescribed meds or listening to the doctor but maybe you can manage without them?

It depends on whether they improve your breathing or not. If not then there doesn't seem any reason to take them. This is what they are prescribed to help with. x

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Whatever you do gently build up with exercise. As for the medications speak with your respiratory nurse who will explain them. Remember some medications can help slow progression and prevent problems. At times I have felt I did not need mine and at the present time I am only taking Fostair. But I still carry my blue one for emergency use.


Thank you very much indeed.


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