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Chest pain despite clear chest x-ray result?

Hi there. Back in August, I felt chest pain for quite a few days so I went to the GP who told me that it was chest pain I was feeling, and offered some painkillers should the pain be unbearable. It went away after a week, and all was well.

I felt pain again in December, and went back to the GP, who now told me that it was probably nerve pain, as I was feeling pain in my back, too. I was given Vitamin B medicine and a painkiller again. I had the family doctor check for a second opinion, who told me it was likely chest or nerve pain too. That went away after a week.

Three days ago I started feeling this chest pain again. It comes and goes. I could last several hours not feeling anything and suddenly I feel pain. My blood pressure is normal, and I just had a chest x-ray earlier which came out clear and normal. The pain lingers when sitting but is barely noticeable, but increases when I am leaning or lying down.

I'll have an EKG done soon, but do you have any opinion/idea on what this is? Could it be acid reflux, or anything worse?

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Certainly sounds like GERD (Reflux).

Try some Nexium from your pharmacy.



Unexplained pain should always be investigated as you need to know the cause, not just take painkillers when the pain arrives. Please return to your GP and say you would like further investigation. You can also ring the BLF helpline (03000 030 555 during office hours) and speak to someone there for advice. Welcome to the forum. :)

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