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Pop visit nearly 65 are they going to stop my disability


L was awarded mobility indefinite , but since pip came out l have had to fill a form in , l will be 64 in may so l think they are wanting to stop this , my condition is copd / end stage lung disease/degenerative disease / stress, l am becoming megga stressed as l failed my last chance for any improvement in due to the deteriation of my lungs , l may as well go off and jump of a bridge , as l cannot go anywhere without help that's impossible without involving them is there anything that will help me know what the score is to allow me to stay on this

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Lots of people your age have successfully claimed PIP after an indefinite DLA award, though PIP is usually reassessed after 4 or 5 years. You must get expert help with the form, it makes a huge difference, and if you do get turned down or awarded less than you’re getting now, you must appeal. The BLF has a benefits adviser, you can phone 03000 030 555 for advice during office hours.

Hi the move from DLA to PIP can be a very stressful time. My advice would be to seek help from your local Disability Rights group. Remember PIP is not condition based but how your condition affects you. There is a form that you can get your GP to fill in that can negate the physical assessment by the PIP assessees. I am busy at the moment but I will post the details of the form later. From memory you need a score of twelve to claim PIP. These points are related to your ability to manage certain tasks of daily living safely. These are related to things like being able to cook your meals, your mobility etc. The important point to remember is the word safely. Again I strongly recommend that you contact a Disability Rights group as the wording and matching your difficulties to gain points can be complex.

ldwilliams in reply to Badbessie

as far as I am aware the only condition that allows the negation of the physical assessment is terminal cancer, so I would be very interested to hear more about this form, because no one that I know has heard of it.

Badbessie in reply to ldwilliams

The form is called DS1500. It can be filled in by your GP or a health care professional and is sent to the DWP. My wife's form was filled in by the pain clinic. I was told by the DWP that this can negate the examination. However from experience you get a different story every time.

ldwilliams in reply to Badbessie

thanks , i'll look into that

ah! I just checked and it is what i thought is was, terminal illness.

sorry to hear that, wasn't trying to be rude or pushy


I was awarded DLA indefinitely, after a 5 year battle to prove I was disabled. I have severe osteoporosis and just recently diagnosed COPD, I had my PIP assessment 2 weeks ago, but was told its normal for an assessment before they change over, even though you are 64, this shouldn't make a difference as they log the date they start your PIP assess, which is before the 65 yr cut off, so if things don't go in your favour (which shouldn't happen) make sure you appeal and stick with it

Thank you it's on Friday xxx

Only problem l have is he wants to show them he can still do things but is gasping for his breath xx

It will change automatically when you reach 65. Yoy will still get your disability living allowance. That was my experience but that was 10 years ago, you may need to write to DWP and ask them.

We'll update , on PIP the assessment was not as bad as we thought , it was a nurse who came and just observed what he could do or not , and he got the higher rate mobility and care side - which is basically the same as the disability and care side he was on xx it was still very stressful for him and we had to wait for their final decision

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