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Missed diagnosed as pnemomia instead lobular pulmonary sequestration! Anyone any experience?

Hi all

Having been diagnosed with pnemonia before Christmas my diagnosis has now changed following a CT scan to lobular pulmonary sequestration! It seems fairly rare and I have probably had it from birth and it has only been detected by a incidental CT scan for my stomach. The plan is to remove a whole lobe of my lung. Only heard last night so still trying to get my head around it. Does anyone have an experience or can anyone recommend a source of information?

Here's hoping .....


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My Goodness Joanna!!!Never heard of it no..At least you got seen quickly. That’s why the hospital called you in the helpline on Monday and ask for info..

I apparently had lymphangioleiomyomatosis or LAM from there you are, glad they found out.

Keep in touch, we are here for you xx


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joanna,for your info i am popping on a link,,,,,,,,,,,regards skis and scruffy xx

Basically tissue growing in/on the lung not associated with the normal lung function,often genetic and you may have had this since birth.treatable by procedures you have mentioned.obviously you need to discuss treatment with your consultant.wishing you well for the future,x


Hope they make things better for you x

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