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Hi. I’m not sure I should even be writing on here I don’t usually just bit confused,upset not sure what to do, I have been breathless for some time and decided to go to docs had an X-ray last year in March was told result was clear for copd and emphysema, didn’t think anymore of it. Although breathing was steadily getting worse every time I went to docs with other things I mentioned my breathing was told it was asthma and given an inhaler. Yesterday I went to pick up a prescription happened to wait to get it from doc,he said since your here we can do a review of your meds I’m not on a lot and nothing serious bit of reflux which is nothing really. Anyway mentioned the inhaler and how it didn’t help how I’m still breathless even after 16 weeks of not smoking which was unbelievably tough and still want one now think I always will but I’m not having one, my breathing hadn’t improved I think it should, doc asked what they all ask have you had a chest X-ray me yes it was clear, doc looks up results and starts telling me there’s no more movement in the lungs from copd I was absolutely floored I didn’t even know I had copd, so maybe I don’t have it and it’s wrong why would I be told clear and not sent for anymore tests if it now says copd lungs without any obvious facial lesions which I know is cancer so that’s good doc said it’s clear for cancer, has referred me to hospital under 2 week rule for breathing specialist and spiro test with nurse next week, I am at a loss so maybe I don’t have copd and my breathing is my throat or airway or something I don’t have a cough but have a 3 nearly 4 year old who keeps me active and I do walk quite a lot but get very breathless especially when I’m carrying the shopping, thank you for listening sorry for going on feel little better after getting that out, I want to see my son grow up and at 50 I already have odds stacked against me now this I just hope they got it right in March and X-ray was clear.

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You mention "a bit of reflux".

Several years ago I was in a similar situation, my breathing problems were caused by silent reflux; within 10 days of starting PPI's ALL my breathing problems had gone.



I agree with Pete. Reflux problems seem isolated from our lungs but over the years, I’ve learned there can be a considerable deterioration in lungs through silent reflux....wish I’d known sooner. I’ve had ranitidine tablets on my repeat prescription for years...GP didn’t illuminate the link for a long time, and I was very casual about when I took them, responding mainly only to stomach acidity discomfort. Now I’m on a regular regime, stomach problems or not, lungs are more often more healthy.


I don't wonder you were shocked, after getting the all clear and whether they are right or wrong, you deserve an explanation from your doctor about the confusing results.

Well done for stopping smoking. It takes quite a while for your breathing to improve after stopping. Mine improved considerably over 2 years.

I know it's easy for me to say but, try not to stress about the future. You are active and that is a good start. I was pretty much like you, before proper diagnosis and I was diagnosed at the beginning of moderate. That was 6 years ago. I get breathless on hills, sudden exertion like, trying to dance like a teenager ( I'm 57 haha,) otherwise, nothing has changed.

People can and do live a full lifespan with COPD, although, depending on severity and how well we look after ourselves, some have a poor quality of life. Stopping smoking, is the main priority.

Let us know how you get on with your tests. xx


Hi after reading your breathing problems for quit smoking please do es your breathing get better I quit 11weeks ago and my life is hell pains in me arms and little electric like pains I breath ok then it comes back in force is this normal will it go away. Thankyou and take care x😀😁😄😃

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Hi Sutton1, I’m sure it will get better but I’d go get checked by doc or nurse just to be sure probably nicotine withdrawal but best to be sure, giving up smoking is never a bad move, I’m sure it’s totally unrelated to giving up, let me know what doc says. I’m sure my breathing is slightly better certainly better than it would have been had I still been smoking.

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