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Ground Glass

Hi, I hope someone can help or offer advice.

My partner (28 years) had been referred to respiratory services back in August. He was referred due to bringing up blood in the morning. This has now ceased and has been related to (diagnosed and now controlled) coeliac disease. However following investigations and subsequent CT scan it showed ground glass. It was confirmed that this is not cancer. They have ruled this out completely. He has no other symptoms no real breathlessness or coughing. He has been putting on weight and feels healthy. His haemoglobin is good and since August when he was referred his respiratory function tests have remained the same. He has recently given up smoking. They are waiting for two months to see how he gets on. I am pregnant with our second child and the anxiety is overwhelming. I’m not coping well as I fear it’s serious. I don’t fully understand the term ground glass. Is it always something sinister? Can it be from an old infection? From childhood? Please can someone shed some light? Could this possibly be nothing to worry about?

Many thanks

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ground glass

- medical definition:-

Abnormal shadowing seen radiographically. In chest x-ray films, it may indicate interstitial fibrosis of the lung; in abdominal films, it suggests ascites.



It could be a number of things including scarring. If they have done a CT scan and are not overly worried then you need to try and control your anxiety around it which I know is so hard.

His respiratory function has not changed.

He is gaining weight and feeling better

Most importantly of all he has given up smoking

They are continuing to monitor him

They know what the coughing up of blood is related to

All in all that is a lot of positives 😀. Try to stop thinking the worst and make sure you speak to your GP so you understand what it could or couldn’t be caused by x

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