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Chest clinic visit

Hi to all,

Hope you are feeling reasonably chipper and not too down. Went out today to an AGE UK weekly function where I haven't been for a while. People were glad to see my partner and me saying so quite sincerely. |We were quite touched.

The heading is not out of place. Next week is going to be busy. Tuesday is Dr's to get measured again for support stockings, Thursday is the Chest Clinic for follow up on Long Term Oxygen Therapy. Presumably that means spirometry tests and all that goes with it. Oh joy. Bring out the wheelchair I might need it.

Good breathing to all. More to come.

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Take care Dak x


Good breathing to you also dak1507 and I hope clinic goes well. I also have my yearly appointment with Resp Consultant next week and already I'm writing down various points etc that I want to raise but will forget unless I put pen to paper!

Do let us know how you get on.

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