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Update on partners ct scan

My partner got results on ct scan he has only 24 percent lung function servere emphysema and asthma he also has a nodule in each lung he has got to have another ct scan within the month also an echocardiogram within the month he's being referred to glenfield hospital for possible lung volume reduction if suitable has anyone had this procedure done it all seems a lot to take inches battery k on rescue pack again any advice much appreciated

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You need to be as fit as you can,pulmonary rehab will help.LRVS will only work if you meet a certain criteria,fitness is a big one along with age,and where the worst bits of damage lung are.


Thank you brinnie he has been referred to pulmonary rehabilitation awaiting reply thank you for acvice


Hi Shortytree,

I am also waiting to see if I can go ahead with Lung Reduction, had my ct scan 2 days ago. I am on the Transplant List for Double Lung Trx, But My Consultant had suggested we try this way as I have been on the list for almost 19 months and as She said I'm not getting younger,(66) although I know I'm fit for Operation. Good Luck to your partner, Just go with the flow, They know what their doing. I had the Echocardiogram when I was in Transplant hospital before going on the Transplant List. I don't mind if I have to have another, as long as I can Live longer. That is the Aim these days. Love Carolina XXX


Thank you Hacienda I know it's going to be a long road ahead but at least we still have options my partner isn't very fit at all anymore but hopefully pulmonary rehabilitation will help him get stronger one step at a time good luck x

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PR is the Best thing to do, I have had 4 courses lasting 6 weeks. Awaiting my next one. I go to Breathe Easy Exercise classes every week and to the Gym also. Home exercise also on the days I'm not at classes. All on my Oxygen, but it does Help immensely with getting Fitter and expanding the lungs. Good Luck. xxxx


I agree with the others PR is absolutely the best thing along with the follow up fit to breathe classes and has really helped me to take control of my breathlessness. I'm sorry I do not know anything much about lung reduction except that you must be fit. I have heard that it can increase your lung capacity quite a lot but don't know the percentages. Unfortunately my consultant says that my lung damage is too disperse for this and has referred my for a transplant. I too have 23% lung capacity and am to have a second CT scan on the 20th of Jan and I have also been referred to cardiology for a cardiac scan, so I am interested how your partner gets on with it.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help. Getting as fit as possible is definitely the right thing to do and also try to take it all as it comes and not get too stressed about it ( that's the hard one) I wish you all the best. There is always help on here.

Good luck X


Thank you kelda sorry to here your in the same position I wish you all the luck I know it's been a terrible illness for my partner to deal with and everyone has positive feed back for pulmonary rehabilitation and breath easy just he he gets on courses soon


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