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Help and Management of Bronchiectasis

I have been told by Respiratory Dr that I have Bronchiectasis and my new Puffer used with a spacer would help me with the tickle irritation that makes me cough.

However, when I am anxious I do tend to take deep breathes and this seems to aggravate my situation, it is as if I cannot get a deep enough Breath.

When I first started with the Puffer and spacer the cough went almost immediately and for the first time since using it,I have the tickle cough.

also take carbosisteine normally 2 per day,which does help me with the mucus. however, I only took once yesterday, and now I seem to be full of mucus. Could this be the reason as to why Ihave this tickle cough today it seems that when I take a deep breath there is a bit of a wheeze

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Hi jolaine and a very warm welcome to you although I am sorry you have bronchiectasis.

I have had bronchiectasis all my life and asthma more recently.

I wonder are you in the UK. It is very important that the respiratory consultant you see has a special interest in cf/bronchiectasis, believe me it makes a difference.

You don't say what your 'puffer' is. It is important as there are many different kinds. Mucus is part and parcel of bronchiectasis and has to be cleared out of the lungs daily. I would be surprised if your consultant hasn't referred you to a respiratory physio to teach you the various techniques and PEP gadgets to find out which method you prefer. You would then have to do this on a daily basis to get the gunk out and stop it pooling and open to infection. I would also expect, although not neccessarily perhaps not on your first visit you to have a cf test and maybe an immunologist.

Although carbosisteine works for some, it does nothing for me and I use hypertonic saline for which you would have an assessment at the hospital.

There are lots of folks on here with BE and I hope they come along soon.

love cx


I clear out my mucus morning and nighttime using Active Cycle of Breathing Technique (also known as huffing). This was taught me by a physiotherapist at local hospital, but there are lots of explanations on Youtube. Sometimes during the day I have a tickle so I don't go anywhere without a packet of Fisherman's Friend (original flavour) "sweets"; I suck one or two and the tickle disappears. They can be bought from most chemists and supermarkets. They are very strong but you would soon get used to them.


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