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Grateful to have a new community where we can interact and share to hopefully help and encourage one another. Have a blessed day. Connie

Wanting to learn more about this condition, I AM PARTIAL TO BRITISH ANYTHING, my childrens grandmother (mom to me) 50 plus years registered nurse/British and American credentials. Always have confidence in her abundance of knowledge. loosing my dad, mom and only sibling (my baby sister) to this condition I have learned so very much... By caring for them and how they were handled and handled themselves. 1 never smoked once diagnosed (when he did smoke, it was cigars and never inhaled... But he worked in a saw mill (propeller company, also with insecticides) the others never quit. Its surprising looking back how that impacted them. I have so many questions yet I was to ask one now yet more of a statement. I am sorry, I may need to observe a while:)

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Hello and welcome to the forum. Observe as long as you need to. :)


Hello and welcome x


Don't be sorry Smilinghearts , we don't ration your posts ! It's always interesting to read other people's story. I'm so sorry you lost so many members of your family. Now you've joined another one - us- welcome and ask away there's usually somebody to help, Sheila x


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