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Mad and breathless needs answers

I've been struggling for 6 years with a persistent cough, extreme weightloss. Lowest I weight was 32kg. Struggling to get to or over 40kg frustrating because if I had some more weight I would be able to fight without almost dying.

Consistent thick mucus which presented a couple of years ago and is getting thicker by the day. Really hard to bring up. Recently have had a couple of scary situations where my throat closed completely... As close to death as I have ever been. Looking for answers but get stonewalled by every doctor I see... Every test under the sun so far, sometimes twice for good measure.

Other symptoms are constant stomach cramps, nausea, broken ribs from coughing, skin thinning. Recently taste has been affected. Salty and sour taste.. Desperate for answers

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May I ask why the drop in weight? Is it copd? Something else? I know I fight to keep a healthy weight because if I carefully plan my food it does not worsen my breathing if never eat much at a time


Not really sure what this weight loss is from but have been looking into copd, suspect silent reflux but doctors have given up so trying to seek others ideas and help


You must be tearing your hair out,especially if tests are coming back clear.

Have you tried a weight gain product?

My Protein, do one, that is for gaining weight beside the usual ones for those doing weight training. A drink is easier to get down than food.

I can't help with the thick mucus problem but I'm sure someone who knows what your going through, will come along with some suggestions. You need to build yourself up to strengthen your body. I know that's easier said than done, that's why a protein drink will definitely help. xx

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If you have silent reflux and you're not eating well, you may be generating acid because of your empty stomach, which could make things worse. Try to follow an eating regime of regular meals and snacks to prevent your stomach becoming too empty. Even if it's just something really small for a meal at first, that's OK. Try those protein supplements or a meal replacement shake - they can count. Eat foods you really like, too. And ask for a referral to a dietitian, to help you with your weight problems by giving you some advice founded on your actual situation. All the best, M.


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