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First consultation today re Linx

Saw the GI cons for first time today, he's great made me feel very at ease and he's done more of the Linx surgeries than any other specialist in the UK, so that's makes me feel more confident.

I'm going to have endoscopy and some kind of swallow test where I have to swallow a probe that measures my PH for 24 hours. That will all be happing over next few weeks.

I've opted for a non sedation endoscopy as don't like the idea of being sedated and my mum had one done few years ago and said it was fine, so if she could manage I'm sure I will and I don't have bad gag reflex so think I'll be fine.

We need to discuss the results as that will determine if I can have the operation or not, I will report back after all tests. ENT consultation tomorrow, another operation for that too but one at a time!

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Wishing you well Shancock. Take care xxxxx


I hope it all goes well for you. :)


Good luck tomorrow. X

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Glad you are getting things sorted out. One at a time is just fine.

Take care x


Hello, just curious if you had the LINX procedure and how things are going if you did.


Oh i didnt have it i chickened out! Wish i hadnt as had lots of probs this year.

I am seeing him again in few weeks time to discuss it or something called Stretta (try google it), im gonna go with whatever he suggests this time as it got better in summer then all flared up again in autumn.


Ok, keep me posted. I will research Stretta. Thank you!


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