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Exercise induced pulmonary hypertension

I was wondering if anyone with exercise induced pulmonary hypertension, experiences very high heart rates (which are disproportionate to the activity they are doing), when they carry out any physical activity? Or experienced these symptoms before their PH was diagnosed and then treated?

I have recently been prescribed oxygen when ambulatory due to experiencing acute breathlessness and oxygen de-saturations, followed by excessively high heart rates (where my heart speeds up to help get oxygen to my organs and body), on all minor exertion.

I don't yet have a diagnosis of exercise induced pulmonary, however my respiratory doctor said that he will do a right heart catheter while I'm exercising, once he has carried out other non invasive test.

I have chronic thromboembolic disease and have experienced repeated DVTs, PEs and TIAs during the past 13 years and have had pulmonary hypertension post PE in the past.

I know that my doctor is loathe to carry out any tests that involve a puncture site, due to my risk of clotting but I didn't think any other test can definitely diagnose PH?

I would so very grateful if anyone experiencing similar symptoms can respond.

Thanks so much.

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