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Hi there, I have a mild form of copd...i didn't give up smoking until last May '17, I also have a benign cyst in my pancreas. Never been really ill most of my life so its all a bit of a shock. I'm doing a lot of research to find lifestyle, nutrition and exercise to help. Its also a nightmare trying to find an holistic practitioner in my area.

Has anyone tried a himalayan salt pipe?

Send me your tips and thoughts

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Hi subedo and welcome.

Ask for a referral to a pulmonary rehabilitation course, its a lung exercise and education programme, lots of tips on how to manage symptoms, slow the progress of the disease, the dos and don'ts generally.

I use a salt pip, I find it helps, however for me it would not replace any medication which helps to keep my airways open and lungs stable.

Diet is important as is exercise and stopping smoking and avoiding smoke of any kind.

Good wishes in your future searches but I would say the PR course is a real good starting place.


Hi Bkin, I asked a doctor today about a PR course but she said it wasn't for me as i am not that bad yet I will carry on using my salt pipe and i have been given an inhaler to help...I hate winters here in England I want to live somewhere warm!!

Thanks for your reply.


Hello and welcome to the forum. :)


Hi, I started to use a Himalayan salt pipe a few weeks ago. I find it helpful in bringing up tight phlegm and making breathing easier. I use it as a complimentary therapy alongside inhalers. Give it a try.

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Hi Subedo iv been using a salitair salt pipe since November and iv found it to be brilliant and has worked wonders.Your picture looks familiar it looks like one iv seen in a shelter in Dawlish.All the best

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Hi tavymaid, yes i think i will carry on using my salt pipe...its a banksy pic and it might well be in your town. Love his artwork. :-)


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