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Pnemonia still worried

Not feeling optimistic

Has anyone gone for their follow up CT scan and not felt very optimistic! I had pnemonia but it was walking pnemonia and didn't feel that bad. I had no cough just a fever, headache and breathlessness. Subsequently I've been om strong antibiotics and am feeling a bit better three weeks later. However, I am still coughing and not feeling like it has completely resolved. I am worried that the CT scan will still show an infection and I'll be back to square one with more drugs etc. Has anyone felt like this? Still tired, breathless and coughing but had a clear scan! Please give this Joanna some hope!!!! Xxx

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Sorry No. I can't help with information, just sending positive thoughts, prayers & a virtual hug.

I'm sure somebody will be along latter with info.


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Hi Joanna

Good thing you are getting a follow-up CT scan if you are still want to get it over with.

Good luck and let us know how you are getting on xx


Pneumonia isn't a walk in the park, is it? It takes months to get over. As soon as you feel ready, and with the approval of your GP/consultant, start gentle exercise to build yourself up and get your fitness back. Good luck.


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