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Mucus flapping about constantly at back of throat ????

I know a lot of you will know from my posts I am seriously battling with huge amounts of mucus on a daily basis no medical explanation as yet as to say where it is positively coming from, as I have silent reflux as well as copd , bronchiectasis , all I know is I can constantly feel it at the back of my throat flapping till I snort or create a suction then it’s out seconds later it’s back again, I sometime spend an hour or more bringing it up but I can’t always do that but I’ve noticed it feels more like it’s from the back of my nose but it’s there my every waking hour ...,,it’s driving me insane anyone else experiencing this xxx

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Its dreadful Im sad to see they haven't found out why Carol ? ,I get this a lot also bubbles in my throat at the back up the top I have reflux to I also suffer with my voice a lot I'm wondering if it could be to do with our vocal cords being affected in some way x

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Hi , it’s awful it seems you get similar it’s just so tiring seem to be at it all day, why I produce so much god only knows but the medics seem nonplus about it , nature of the beast .., thanks be well xx


You've answered your own question Carol - post nasal drip most likely caused by silent reflux. It's a standard symptom of silent reflux so imo this is the medical explanation. GPs can be pretty useless in explaining about stuff like this.

I find eating less dairy foods makes it less but mostly I just put up with it.



Have you tried Carbocisteine tablets from the GP together with a little gadget the re-hab nurse gave me made by Clement Clarke International, it's like a small none return valve into which you "puff" after a few huffs the mucus starts to move.



Thamms for reply yes I have carbocystien and a flutter valve it does move it but within mins its back xx


I had this problem with sputum. It got stuck in my throat and wouldn't shift. My GP put me on carbosistein caps which have eased the problem. X


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