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Hi My name is Paul and I have just had a diagnosis of COPD.

Years ago I was diagnosed with asthma and went for a regular check (actually the first in years) last year. My peak flows have always been about 450 and I am 49 about 5' 11" not overweight, don't smoke and I keep fit (including yoga with lots of breathing exercises).

The Nurse told me that treatment had changed and they now recommend taking the brown inhaler regularly even for mild asthma, as a preventative. I then made an appointment to in 6 weeks.

6 Weeks later I tried the peak flow again with no change (I didn't think it was making a difference) - and the nurse recommended a spirometry test.

I had this last week and the nurse (a different one this time) came to the conclusion that I should take a Umeclidinium inhaler once per day. Also I should have a blood test and chest x-ray to see if there are any other problem (I am not expecting anything nasty).

I do get some breathlessness at times, I do cough for no reason and I am finding short bursts of intensive exercise harder. I put the later down to not being as fit as I used to be.

My suspicion is that my lungs were damaged by my mother chain smoking when I was very young with not helped by me smoking for a few years in my late teens and early 20's. I gave up because my lungs hurt whenever I had a cigarette!

So after all of that my question is, on balance, do you think taking the inhaler is worth it?

I don't want to be over diagnosed but am happy to take an inhaler if it will be of benefit long term?

Thank you in advance for any responses and sorry for the long post.


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Hi Paul and welcome to the forum. Here is some reading for you:


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Thanks Mrsmummy

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I think I might have just answered my own question. My peak flows were actually 350-400 when I first visited the nurse. I have just retested and I have managed just under 500 which is easily the best I have recorded and I have only taken the new inhaler for 3 days.


Hello PaulTabby, welcome to our Forum. In answer to your question "do you think taking the inhaler is worth it" my answer is yes, absolutely. Also you should follow through with all the advice your doctor gives. On this site we all suffer with breathlessness, having good days and not so good days, and the advice you get paul will be friendly and supportive. ✋️😊


Thank you Stumpy55 all help and support is greatly welcome and hopefully I can help others when I know a bit more.



Provided you keep fit, eat sensibly no junk food exercise regularly, the use of the brown inhaler probably won't impede you. Check when you next have a review with the nurse, meanwhile carry on using.



Ah I wasn't clear, I have now been given the Incruse Ellipta 55micrograms Umeclidinium. The Brown inhaled did nothing for me and made no difference and the blue inhaler makes a bit of a difference but not enough to suggest asthma.

So what are the experiences with Umeclidinium? I think my lungs hurt during the day after taking it and I cough a bit more but I do seem to breath easier, get less breathless and have improved peak flow readings.

Thank you all for your responses and likes btw, it is very encouraging for me to receive such positivity.

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Hi Paul

I was born with asthma and I am 40.

I have tried everything from suppositories to nebulisers.

I now only have the Symbicort Fumerate Oxis Turbohaler 4/12.

I used to take steroid inhalers with the Ventolin and all the rest. I’ve been hospitalised and in IC.

I have not had an attack since being on the Oxis about 4 years now. I always half the dose prescribed. (I’m just a rebel I suppose). And I’m almost thinking I no longer have asthma. I don’t think the brown inhaler helped me at all and I never took it, I did at first but when I stopped I was the same as when I took it. So I would say you don’t need it. My opinion only.

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