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Was good while it lasted

Had a couple of good days mid chest infection, still 2 more days of antibiotics but doesnt seem to be shifting now, enjoyed the eating and almost normal breathing but looks like im back to square one.

Do i get more antibiotics, different inhaler just take paracetamol for the chest pains.

Was really getting positive about things too, oh well hopefully just a cold weather blip

moan over, cant wait to be able to eat a sunday lunch again :P

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Did you get a salt pipe? (frances21 suggested it in your "One week in" post.)


I've looked at them and read about them, some people say they work some don't. I'm going to speak to the respiratory nurse when I have my appointment and get her\his view on them amongst other things that have been suggested that I'm more than interested in.


I do find it helps with an infection. Salt is effective at stopping bugs, and I can taste the salt in my mouth when I breathe in through the salt pipe.

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Last time I had an infection I took Amoxicillin for two weeks and reached a point where I felt much better but was still coughing a lot. The GP put me on a week of Doxycycline and that seemed to clear everything. I have been well since mid November which is a record as I normally need antibiotics every month.

I'm wondering if you need to see your doctor and get a different antibiotic to kill off the last of the bugs. Good luck! xx Moy


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