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From Kentucky: Reports on the spread of flu here are not encouraging. Wondering if it is as bad "across the pond?"

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Hi Janice,

During week 52 (ending 31 December 2017), allowing for Christmas reporting breaks, influenza activity continues to increase across all surveillance indicators with notable increases for respiratory outbreaks and influenza confirmed hospitalisations



O2Trees in reply to PMRPete

Well done Pete - I never know where to go for that kind of info :)

PMRPete in reply to O2Trees

Weekly national flu reports:-


Click on the document picture for which one you require.

cofdrop-UK in reply to PMRPete

Wow Pete - great info. Thanks.



Local news indicates 4.5 million suffered the flu symptoms in past week.

Only two areas not affected City of London and Dorchester.

Inamoment in reply to stone-UK

How was that number arrived at? I've had flu twice, flat on my back both times. I have had lots of colds though. I think if 10% of the population had flu it would be on the news

stone-UK in reply to Inamoment


Article in Sun newspaper.

Quote from NHS England BBC NEWS

Public Health England says typical effectiveness of the flu vaccine is 40-60%, which means that for every 100 people vaccinated, between 40 and 60 will be protected.

The currently strain H3N2 which was around last year.

The vaccine had 20-30% effectiveness against H3N2.

Inamoment in reply to stone-UK

The Sun!

11th January 2018 "Flu cases: Levels 'very high in hospitals' "

"A sharp rise in cases seen by GPs in the past week - up 78% on the week before - suggests it could be the worst flu season for seven years."


1/16/18: Flu is widespread all across the U.S.. In recent days, Kentucky and neighboring states have been blessed with a winter storm that has dropped many inches of snow, which is keeping schools closed for this week. Hopefully this will interrupt the transfer of the fl germ. Thanks to all who responded to my question.

1/30/18: Flu remains widespread across nation. The snow which closed schools in the eastern states did not have the dampening effect on the flu that we hoped for. Several children (37 as of last evening) have passed away, as have many adults across all age groups. Children and seniors 65 and older with already weakened immune systems being most susceptible. Wishing all good health. J

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