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Between two stools (as usual)

I spent Thursday afternoon at the Bristol Heart Institute after I had an emergency appointment following a gp appointment just before Christmas. I had the results of the heart catheterisation. Everything is moderate, and there is some surgery they could do to improve things if it wasn't for the lung disease, which make it too dangerous. The only surgery they would do is for the aneurysm, but fortunately it is not needed yet. They will keep an eye on it. It was fascinating to hear the doctor say they were able to have a really good look round, and the surgeon who did the original work in 1961 was brilliant. He certainly was, and all without ct scans etc. I consider myself very lucky still to be here. They are going to try to control the more troubling symptoms medically, so I shall rattle even more soon! They were concerned though that I had no review since it was prescribed in September because the nurse has been off sick. My oxygen level was 92 even using oxygen at 2 l/m, and I have been turning it up to 3 sometimes. I see gp Monday so shall mention it. I do agree that lung disease does seem to be the poor relation of illnesses, although I think many of my problems here are unintentionally caused by the Welsh/English border

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Dear Carnival567 .

Our lungs make it impossible to do invasive surgery. I am glad they are keeping an eye on the aneurysm that would need monitoring. I hope things go smoothly.

Thinking of you.

Cas xx ๐Ÿ€


Hi Carnival567, Im glad you've had a thorough check up and they are monitoring you and managing symptoms for you. You're right that lung disease causes terrible complications and restricts all sorts of treatments. Stay well though, and good luck for monday with the gp xx


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