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hello everyone , I wonder if anyone can help me , bit worried in asking as not sure what it means , but I must not be so silly & bury my had in sand sometimes , as I said I found outI had copd nearly 2 years ago , had my copd check Friday , nurse said ,it slightly worse than year before , it is now 23 , I didn't ask any more ,which now I know I should ,sorry for being rather weak , so can you please tell me what kind of reading is that , thank you x

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I do wish people would explain and not just drop numbers on us. Do you know what figure she was giving you? Why not give the Helpline a ring on Monday? 03000 030 555. The nurse will then be able to talk you through your results. Try not to worry in the meantime. :)


Hi I had a quick look back at your previous posts and it appears you have mild copd? If so then the figure of 23 can't be your lung function. Can you tell us what the figure is in relation to please and we might be able to offer some advice. x


so sorry I have messed up , but healthlock wouldn't except my password , so I had to reapply ,,tho I must have done something wrong,x


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