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Amoxicillin and gaviscon

Hi, I picked up my penicillin yesterday and asked the pharmacist about my reflux meds. He said at least an hour between the Nexium and amoxicillin, but the Gaviscon wouldn't argue that it at all.

I'm obviously going to check when I see my ENT consultant next week. But does this right to you all? Everything I read on line says Gaviscon can effect Amoxicillin? It's difficult to know when to take everything. As I should take the Gaviscon straight after eating and the Nexium an hour before dinner, and I'm supposed the take the Amoxicillin just before food.

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Sorry I meant to type the Gaviscon won't interfere with the penicillin.


Reflux meds can affect absorption of ABs, just like they also interfere with absorption of e.g. It B12, magnesium etc etc. So yes, this is correct, leave an hour in-between. Is that a problem? It's what I always do, anything to make sure the ABs are working as well as they can.


Thanks for this information. I have been taking my reflux tabs with Amoxicillin and wondering why the antibiotics do not work anymore. I have changed my timing of meds as I am on Amoxicillin at the moment. Take Care, Maximonkey.


Me too means I can't take the Amoxicillin with food but I've got probiotics so I should b okay.


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