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My mother

My mother aged 85 has bronchiecsasis and is on various medicines. She has lost weight and is having food drink supplements

Sometimes she has retching spells when she feels nauseous and brings up clear liquid that I think is acid from her stomach

She will see her consultant in three weeks after a second ct scan. Should she do anything for now?

Advice welcome

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Acid reflux is horrid! Does your mum use Gaviscon Advance? It helps, as does raising the head of the bed by 6''. Advise her to avoid any foods which may trigger it. Spicy and fatty foods are particularly well known triggers of acid.



I would advise her to see her doctor and get something for it straightaway. Or you can buy antacids like Gaviscon or Rennies over the counter. x

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Thank you for that

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You are welcome. x


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