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Has anyone ever had a letter from copd pulmary rehab team saying they are making a home visit on a certain day next week ,?

The reasons ask is,I sent for the nurse on the 29th dec ,I had low oxygen levels and temperature of 39’8 ,she sent for an ambulance, My problem is ,,,is thisvisit because my bedroom was in a mess tissues all over the bed ,,, or for some other reason,,,,they have been to my house a number of times over the years but only when I’ve called them if I’m ill. I’m rather worried now ,

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They are worried about your health, they are NOT worried about your tissues etc. on the bed or anywhere else.

They usually have made arrangements with me on the telephone.

Stop worrying!

Once you have been referred to a Pulmonary team, you are within their care until it is no longer needed, you are also entitled to call them at any time.


The NHS is too pressurised for their nurses to be judging you on the state of your bedroom - you're a grown-up for heavens sake, you can have your home however you like. Sounds like good follow-up to me after you had a bad episode requiring blue-lighting to hospital. Be pleased they have made this arrangement without you having to ask for it.


Hi Nanny1086,

Like PMRPete I have visits from our local NHS Hospital based team at home to check on my 02 levels as well as the 6 month 10 mile walk test (as I think of it) at the hospital, because on the last three occasions I have not been able to complete the walking test at hospital due to low oxygen levels, they started popping in the see me at home to check that I'm ok every three months and I can call them anytime I have concerns.

I have Meniere's Syndrome as well so tend to fall over, after being unsuccessful at trying to pass the test for a couple of pulmonary exercise courses (I think I was a bit of health and safety hazard) the team arranged for one of their team to visit me and help me do exercises at home more suitable for me and she continues to check everything is ok.

So please use this part of the service and don't worry about tissues.



I would just be thankful they are following up after your hospital visit never worry about the state of your home. They are there to care for you

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Having been a district nurse in the past the state of your house shouldn’t be questioned as we were always being told that if the client has mental capacity and choose to live in a state then it shouldn’t be questioned. The only time is if it’s can cause harm to the health professionals visiting. So I think some tissues scattered about should cause any problem.

They are possibly visiting to how your health is.

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What COPD pulmonary rehab team? We do not appear to have one in my area of Cornwall. No COPD team, one respiratory nurse for half of Cornwall who I have not seen in over a year - really feel unsupported down here. Good luck with your visit as others say nothing to worry about. Take care xx

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