Montelukast 10mg

Has anyone taken these if so what did they actually do for you xxx thanks

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Hi carol. I take montelukast and find it helpful for reducing inflammation (my lung conditions are bronchiectasis, asthma and aspergillosis). Apart from causing wheeze & breathlessness, inflammation increases mucus production, so is definitely to be avoided. When I first started on it I noticed a real difference, but of course over the years I've got used to the effect & anyway my lung problems have got more complicated. One good thing is, I don't experience any side effects. It seems a fairly benign drug.

Hi hanne at present I have the worst mucus production going on a lot from PND plus I’m wheezing a lot and breathing quite poor, following 2 chest infections etc, so they have given me montelukast to help with that is that right ... xxx still undergoing investigation into non acid reflux which keeps flooding into my lungs but with help from a friend I’m managing to move that abit but it’s leaving me very wheezing and sob , happy new year hanne xx

Yes it definitely helped my wheeze and breathing, I have quite difficult asthma. I so hope it gives you some relief, carol, you must be completely exhausted with it all, you poor thing. I think it took about a week for the montelukast to have full effect. Let us know how you get on. I'll be thinking of you.

Thanks hanne I will keep you posted the damn mucus is relentless grr hope you are well xx

Hi Carol. I was interested in montelukast because I read about it. I asked my bronch specialist about it. She said not for me because it is for asthma not bronch and I don’t have any asthma with my bronch.

Hello my friend hope you are well yes I saw the consultant today I’ve had the worse month ever in and out of hospital everyone passing the book on my condition whilst in the meantime I’m drowning in mucus I told him my PND was driving me mad and I’m wheezing so bad which he said could be the asthma and emphysema so he has given me the montelukast to see if that slows it down any and has taken me off a couple of drugs that where given for the esophogus cos they obviously haven’t changed things so no point in taking them , I am so fed up and scared my once stable cancers must be clapping theirs hands thinking they are going to get me in the end but I’m not giving up, are you still away or back home hope you managed a nice Christmas, mine was cancelled this year ...I wish I could win the lottery and plant my self in a top swish clinic and get tlc and be made more comfortable it’s destroying my family , rant over happy new year littlepom 🙄xxx

I take montelukast. When I first started it, it stopped me waking up so many times a night by reducing the mucus produced. I have bronchiecstasis and difficult asthma.

I have been on those since November. Certainly helped my breathing. Xx

Hi, there have been a number of studies into long term Montelukast treatment for COPD showing positive results. Here is a link to one such study with a positive end result.

Quote: Collectively, these data suggest that long-term treatment with montelukast is safe and improves COPD control in elderly patients with moderate to severe COPD.

Also has been raised before on this forum....


I have been prescribed it by my Doctor to try and have been taking it for only 18 days, but believe it is already helping.

Hope this helps.


Thanks John I pray it does help with the breathing but it’s the amount of mucus I produce that is killing me, thanks for the links too, keep well xx

Hopefully it will help as it seemed to help the subjects in the test.

Quote: There was a significant improvement in complaints of shortness of breath, //sputum production/// wheezing and nocturnal symptoms during the observation period

Remember that it can take time for Montelukast to begin working.

Best wishes.

Was that the right link about cows John ?

Sorry, don't know how I did that, now corrected.

Thanks John looks promising especially if it reduces the mucus thanks. Carol x

Yes, I take one on a night and have found them to be beneficial 👍

Hi,all.i take a,montelukast tab just before bed, and find I need to drink water in the night for really dry mouth,and can this tab actually make me more wheezey!!? I am asthmatic, and 65yrs old,just trying to get over another chest infection!!Joy! Take care everyone, John

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