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Can i Get Benefits for COPD while working


Hi, i have been living with COPD for a number of years now and it is getting worse. I work three days a week when at one time I was working five days a week. I would like to know, if i am entitled to apply for PIP due to my COPD if I am working. I have never claimed benefits before in my life as I have always worked so I know nothing about the benefit system.

There is certain things i cannot do at work due to my COPD, and my old manager was getting fed up of me but the new manager is ok.

My wage has reduced because of MY COPD and just trying to find out if there is any financial help out there

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PIP is not means tested and you can claim for it whilst working.

healthwoman in reply to mrsmummy

Thank you

Mrsmummy is right. PIP is a stand alone benefit and can be claimed whether you are working or not. It is designed to provide financial help for those who meet the criteria including those who have to work limited hours because of their illness.

The criteria isn't what illness you have but how it affects you. Have a look on the Gov.UK site and this will give you lots of information. Because the forms can be tricky it's a good idea to seek help from the CAB or another organisation completing it.

Good luck with it. x

The equalities act---2010

"The employer's duty to make reasonable adjustments. If you're disabled, employers have a duty to remove the barriers you face because of your disability so you can do your job and apply for jobs in the same way as someone who's not disabled. The Equality Act 2010 calls this the duty to make reasonable adjustments."

Not to be used as a threat to your Boss, but something to bear in mind if ever you feel you are being treated unfairly at work.....

As correctly stated by others here, PIP is based on how your condition affects you, both in work and when you are not at work.........It consists of 2 parts, or components, Daily living, and mobility.

There is a massive amount of information on line, and any welfare agency will be able to advise and guide you, some will hand hold and attend the assessment with you.

The assessment is where points are given so that your level of benefits may be determined.

Of course there are some pages of questions and answers as well as the assessment itself, and you would do well to get any documentary evidence to support your case.

One way to get across how your condition affects you is to keep a daily diary of where you struggle or how you get around difficulties that others may not face. One typical week would be enough for an assessor to see how you are affected, and of course a diary costs nothing but time and thought but is invaluable as a means to let others see where you may struggle.

You probably will hear terrible stories about how unfair the assessment is, what stress and struggle it was.............. Remember that you will also find examples of people praising the process, but these will be harder to find because people with no complaints are less likely to make their story heard.

So do not worry or fret, although it is natural to be anxious, seek help from an agency, from forums such as these, and perhaps even you boss may be willing to put pen to paper to say how your struggles are noted at work! It all helps.

I have covered some of the aspects to be considered, but each of these can and should be explored in greater detail, and although it may seem overwhelming at first, I assure you it is easier to do than to explain.

I wish you well.

Hi healthwoman there is a benefits adviser at Healthunlocked 03000 030 555 ( Mon-Fri ) who will be able to answer any queries. Sheila x

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