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Shortness of breath and chest tightness.

I'm really glad I stumbled on this page as most people seem to think that these symptoms I'm having are in my head or a spiritual problem.

I've been having shortness of breath and chest tightness for the past 4 months, at first it was scary, I thought it was my heart having issues, but after seeing a cardiologist and doing series of tests and checks including X-ray, ECG, Echo, a test to check for blood clots in the lungs and all which came out normal, I was placed on medication to treat Acid reflux and was given a Seretide Discus inhaler as well as solid tablet Sabutamol. I must also say that I've been on all sorts of medication withing this 4 month period and my body feels like it isn't mine anymore, I look like a complete shadow of myself and oh by the way the picture below was taken almost 6 months ago.

I can't say my symptoms have completely disappeared as some days are much better than others.

I did a complete Lipid profile check as well as a PCV check all came out normal.

This issue has cost me a lot of financial strain as well as affect the quality of my life generally.

I'm being advised to see a lung specialist to do a Pulmonary function test, in as much as I want to do this the cost implications is something I just can't afford at the moment plus I'm scared it might come back as normal as well, then what next?

It's quite scary living like this

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Hello Hidden. Whilst there is nobody on here to help you with your financial problems there are lots of people who can identify with your breathing problems. Welcome to the forum. :)


Thanks Alot, I believe finding people who can identify with my problem is such a relief, I usually got anxious and felt like something bad was going to happen to me.


Hello okohjay and welcome to the forum. Yes I agree with mrsmummy, the financial side is a no go but you will get good, friendly advice. Can I just ask why have you got to pay for a pulumary function test. I have one done every three months at the hospital chest and heart clinic and it's free .i have a consultant who specialises in copd. If I were you I would get Intouch with your doctor and ask to be referred to a Specialist at your nearest hospital. Good luck ✋️😊

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Well thanks for the insight, but in this part of Africa where I come from, nothing is really free.

However I'm open to all the friendly advice I can get, I wasn't hoping to get any financial assistance on here, but I do believe that joining a forum such as this one and getting a word or 2 of encouragement from other people could go a long way.


Oh I see, didn't know you was abroad, I just assume we are all in the same country lol. Well in that case, save all your pennies, come to England and treat yourself to a breathing test lol. I don't know what to say now haha. ✋️😊

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you've got a great sense of humour.

I'll definitely take your advice and start saving asap so I can get there soon. Lol


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Good for you okohjay, I wish you well and I am always up for a chat. Let me know how you get on please? ✋️😊

Hi, I'd definitely have the test if I were you. It could put you mind at rest. I hope you can find the money somehow. P

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A very warm welcome to you :-)


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You are younger than I am but your symptoms sound like mine. I was a smoker and heart issues run in my family. I have had chest pains for 2 yrs and did tests on heart and everything ok. August 2017 i went to doctor as I was short on breath and chest pains and pressure getting worse and was getting hard to even work. I had chest xrays showing a mass and fluid on the lung. It turned out to be cancer stage 4 and I also have COPD. I have ignored my health for last couple years due to a job and cost of all the tests and more tests. Take care of you!!

Wow sorry to hear, how are the treatment coming along these days? You're having regular chemotherapy sessions?

Hi Donie, so sorry to hear you have cancer as well as copd what a terrible blow and I bet hard to get your head round it all.

Welcome friend. You will get good words here, but a professional opinion is the most valid. I have been dealing with a hiatal hernia too. I've thought of a heart attack when the pressure of bloating has cramped (no pun intended) my style. The meds I've taken have alleviated the pressure but I do not deny that further procedures are possible if meds fail. My emphysema does produce a cough violent enough to pop hernie out of socket just when it seems to be healing. This ironically happened this week, and I immediately felt the chest tightening. JUST MY EXPERIENCE. I am NOT a doctor. Check in often with us. We appreciate you.

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Oh, and one more thing. Try this for 3 days: no citrus, tomato, or caffeine products for 72 hours. See how your chest feels. That helps my hiatal hernia, though I would be a hypocrite if I said I don't partake.

Thank you very much for the Insight, I will try this and notice the difference

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I have acid reflux for years so I have to avoid these foods too. I have never had a bad cough. I appreciate everyone here.

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Thats because alot of times it is stomach related but they don't want to tell you that.

Eat nothing but a simple diet of Whole Grains, Legumes, Nuts, Fruits, and Vegetables. Drink lots of water. Do not overeat or eat in between meals. Exercise every day but not too much. Go for a walk in the sun each day vut not overdoing it. Don't wear your clothes or your belt too tight. Get 8 hours sleep at night and keep regular hours.

Stay away from smoking, air polution, chemicals and gases of any kind, perfumes and colognes, chimney smoke etc.


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