Just discovered a 4 minute workout

Don't know if this workout will be of interest. It comprises 4 movements - probably not for those with arthritis - the hard one being full squats, but since we do modified squats in PR so we could substitute those instead.

The workout targets (or increases, my language probably isn't right!) the nitric oxide in our joints which helps oxygenate both them and our organs.


I can do full squats now after a lot of practice work, usually needing oxygen to do them without desaturating. But won't be doing them for a while as I just fell off a ladder painting the kitchen and damaged ankle :( Lots of arnica cream and tabs and possible visit to the minor injuries unit in a bit, depending on how it goes on. No swelling so hopefully nothing broken.

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What are you like Mrs!!! I hope you're sitting with foot up and ice pack

PS. Very useful link . Lot of members can do those from a chair (not the squats obvs), start slow & build up. 👍

I've not been able to stand from sitting cross legged for ages now but I'd love to train myself to, supposed to be excellent for balance 😳

You took the words right out of my mouth, P.

No more ladders for you Jean. Hope it's not too painful but I'd be passing on those squats :)

Hi P and BJ - what a plonker I feel. So avoidable and yet . . . Ive been sitting with icepack. Not much pain, only when I walk on it, then it's bad. Hopefully better tomorrow. At least only a sprain. Itching to get back up the ladder and continue. It's a job interrupted at present.

Very good (the 4 min workout). Did you fall from the ladder trying to do it whilst painting?

I just tried it, think I will just watch in future!

Remember I am over 85 now.

Multi-tasking eh, Pete? Nah, just misplaced the step ladder when stepping down from the work surface. Bad judgement basically.

Going to give those a try - not at the same pace though (I wish). I like the idea of short bursts of exercise it's less daunting, and the thought that 'I haven't got time' just doesn't work if only takes 3-4 minutes, or - in my case 'probably' 6-8 minutes. Wish I had his bouncy knees though, with those and a more bendy back life would be a doddle. I hope you're damaged ankle Isn't 'too' painful, might be better to get it checked 'just in case'.

I did Magpuss - it's a sprain, and hardly hurts when Im not putting weight on it, just a dull ache. But trying to walk, which the minor injuries nurse said I should do, carefully obvs, it's horrendously painful. But I consider myself lucky, after flying through the air and landing on my osteoporotic hip and that being ok,. well I consider myself blessed! Good luck with the exercises.

Ouch!........you were lucky. Glad it wasn't your hip that you damaged. Take care.

Get well soon!

Thank you - Ive passed that on to my ankle, Phil :)

I hope it is listening? ;)

That’s the sort of silly thing that I do. In the summer I fell backward off the garden wall trying to do something to my rockery waterfall. I did the exercises. I have written them down. After three sets I was jiggered but they feel exilerating as well. I have written them down so that I can give them a go.

Glad you're doing them LP - hope they produce improved fitness. I can still do three of them from a chair :)

I had a go, he was counting a bit fast for me, but I could feel the benefit, although I only did each set of exercises only once not as they did on the video 3 times....but I was exercising muscles I have not used for awhile so didn't want to ache all day tomorrow. I will build up gradually

Thanks for the post though O2trees

Hi BJ how are you feeling today?

Love Scarlet

So pleased you've tried them out Sohara. Always best to go easy to begin with. Hope you're keeping well in the cold. x :)

Jeez Louise, you seem a bit accident-prone! Really, please be more careful. A spell in hospital with an immobilising fracture wouldn't do your lungs any favours at all! It only takes a nano-second to go from upright to prostrate, yet is so easily avoided (nag, nag.) I've become super-careful about falls. My balance is dreadful (Meniere's) so I'll never fall off anything cause I won't be climbing on it in the first place :D

Is walking on a sprain the latest advice? Never heard that before. I thought weight-bearing caused swelling and inflammation & you were supposed to elevate the leg and use frozen peas.

Well it seemed odd to me that she would want me to take my whole weight on it Hanne when I couldn't take any at all just with one crutch. I told her if she didn't give my another crutch then my copd would be compromised as I needed to move about. That convinced her.

And i don't think a lot of walking is called for, just when you have to get from one bit of the house to the other, to not do it weightlessly. Anyway that's my interpretation. And she said raise it and use an icepack. Sometimes I dread eating my old old peas by mistake, but they are doing their thing on my ankle right now.

Crazy thing is my balance is good. I recently got a wobble board and can now go on it for a few seconds without pitching over. It was sheer bad judgement. So mad with myself. :(

Thanks Jean, a great workout and a change from the pulmonary rehab exercises taught in the classes. Nice to have variation. Speedy recovery by the way.


Thanks James :)

The Wife some years back fell right though our loft into our son's bedroom and got a few bruises and nothing else. But in the past 18 months fell off her shoes and broke both her feet in 2 separate incidences ?

Yikes, poor lady. Just shows you can never be complacent. Hope she's recovered, feet are so important.

This cold weather does remind her where they were broke.

Thanks O2Trees. I’ve been looking for something effective and do-able. Just had a try and feel better already....just twice more to do today....easy!! Hopefully!

Hope your ankle less painful by now. A sprain can be more troublesome than a fracture, my GP told me, after I’d tripped over my own feet somehow. I’ll be careful with the exercises! 🤸‍♂️

Good luck

Cheers Breathezee :)

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