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Yesterday I had my first annual review at my GP surgery. Wasn't good news I'm afraid. I had added to my meds another inhaler, making it 3 in total now. My new one is Fostair. Apparently, because I've been hospitalised once and had 3 chest infections within the year, my COPD as worsened. I was not able to do spirometry tests, because you need to have 4 clear weeks off antibiotics, and I haven't. Is this normal peeps. I now can't get my mucus up. Nurse said, it's because my airways are blocked. Could this be the case. I'm not downhearted though. I won't be knocked down.

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I too was given another prescription for fostair, but have found it brilliant and haven't had any further bouts of bronchitis since. Good for you to be so upbeat and good luck - hope all goes well for,you.

I had to start taking Daliresp and NAC because I was going to hospital so much. February 9th it will be 3 years since I have been to hospital and only have to see my lung doctor once a year.still have problems keeping SATs up but working on this year.

Have you been prescribed prednisolone (oral steroids)?

Yes I have Soulsaver. As well as emergency antibiotics. A week on, and till no mucus will come up. I've only had one lot(it was huge) come up since been given Fostair. It was green. I have not started my course if antibiotics yet. Rang surgery yesterday for advise, they said they'd give me an appointment today. I was told to avoid taking Presidone at all costs, if I can. This is because I've widespread arthritis. I feel ok at the moment, just fatigued, no chest pain or Son. Thank you for taking he time to answer.

I think most of us are on 2 inhalers plus ventolin - at least. Some are on more medication so I wouldn't be too concerned Sonsfac.


You are right not to get downhearted keep positive. Make an appointment with GP & see if you can get Carbocisteine, it helps to bring up the mucus and if used with a little gadget by Clement Clarke International into which you simply "puff" it acts a bit like a none return valve and after a few puffs it should move the mucus to make it easier to bring up. Works for me each morning before inhaler meds.


I will mention this to doc today, thanks Keith for your advice.

Carbocisteine is worth trying even tho' it doesn't work for everyone, especially if they've got lots of muck.. drink plenty of water throughout day while taking it to give best chance.

Also worth trying a steamer, lubricates the airways making it easier to shift - search amazon for facial sauna but with steam inhaler - or ask fro recommendations on here. Mine doesn't seem to be available now.

It's important to get the junk up as it's a breeding ground for infections.

Yes I’d recommend carbocysteine too , helps me personally , plus the three inhalers , steroids and Antibiotics are frequent visitors too, many chest infections this year , never seem to have large enough dose to totally crack this so constant reinfected

@DiannaH Have you had sputum lab test? When I had first one done they found I was resistant to the AB I was regularly being given.

Changed and such a big improvement. Years wasted on the wrong AB.

Thank you soulsaver, had a sputum test other week and had some kind of penicillin resistant flu-ey type thing, have noticed amoxicillin do not work for me , but doxycycline does, so on that now with a reducing regime of steroids , approx 2 weeks worth , should be out jogging soon!!!!!!

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