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I am having trouble with my breathing. I feel like I can't get a full breath. This has been going on for about 4 months now. It can last for a week then go away for a few days but then returns. I have been to the doctors who has checked my chest and my oxygen flow which are both good. I have been sent for a chest xray to see if that shows anything. Anyone have any ideas?

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Other option is what I suffer from is relflux AKA GERD. Commonly makes you out of breath can be worse after eating a meal, also makes you tired. You can have severe back pain with it but not always. Sometimes it can be what's known as silent reflux which has little symptoms. Worth thinking about if everything else is normal.

Thanks for that. You worry about what it could be but the doctor was happy that my chest sounded clear and my oxygen flow in the blood reading was good. I was just looking for some guidance to what it may be and almost reassurance it isn't anything to bad.

Get it checked out though, they're are tests for it and I advise you have them, ask the GP. If reflux is left it can over time become worse and cause serious implications. If that's what it is it does need to be treated, usually Omeprazole and Gaviscon in the first instance.

Hi SteveGA

Air hunger like you describe is also a symptom of fibromyalgia. Has this been discussed as a possibility? Sometimes breathing difficulties aren't due to problems within the chest so can't be found with X-rays or chest examination but a symptom of something else . Google fibromyalgia when you have a moment and see if any of your symptoms relate to that. It's worth a try.

All the best

Sarah xx

No this has not been discussed yet. Thanks for your help and i will look that up and read about it. Thanks again

Yes it's worth looking up. My breathing (air hunger) and chest pain became unbearable which I saw my gp for and have just recently been diagnosed with end of stage emphysema so it really is worth finding out the problem before it gets worse.

I wish u well and hopefully you get a diagnosis quickly.

All the best

Sarah xx

All the best to you also. Thank you very much for your help and assistance.

I had these symptoms.

Firstly, I have a hiatus hernia and the fumes [which are acid] travelling up the oseophagus can affect the chest, particularly when lying down at night leading to cough and breathing problems. Many people with COPD [chronic obstructive pulmonary disease] are assumed to have this disease as a result of smoking - although many have never smoked! ... but many do have stomach probems....

In addition, when my breathing got to the point that I couldn't reach the top of our road without stopping for breath I had blood tests done and it was found that my iron levels were 'rock bottom' - iron is responsible for the supply of oxygen in the blood. Might be worth requesting a blood test. Good luck! :-)

Hello SteveGA, and welcome. You will get all the support you need on here from friendly people including myself lol. It sounds like reflux that you are suffering from. Your doctor seems happy with your chest and oxygen flow so best not to worry too much at this of wishes to you ✋️😊

Again thanks for the replies. I'm hoping because my chest and oxygen flow are both OK its nothing to serious. I dont have a cough and feel fine otherwise. Im kind off just a bit lost and unsure of what it could be. Il definitely check out my iron levels and see how they are.

I had my chest xray and all the results came back normal but I'm still feeling like I can't get a full breath. It's like air hunger. Im going back to the doctor this week to see him again and for more advice.

Hello SteveGA, I feel sorry for you because you are aware of problems and yet the exray etc are all clear. Very frustrating to say the least, however, if I were you I would go back to G.P and ask him to refer you to the heart and chest clinic at the hospital and when this happens, ask to have a C.T scan. I wish you good luck Steve, and let us know how you get on. ✋️😊

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