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Sentinel node scan ??

Hi everyone hope you all had a lovely Christmas . I was at the respiratory specialist who has got me totally confused he said I had around 14 blood clots on my lungs which he started me on apixiban for , when I saw him again he said because I was on apixiban I should be feeling better so he said maybe it's not blood clots but something else I asked what else his reply I don't know but I'll just keep you on apixiban see if they hel after 5 months iv to go back on 14th Jan I asked if I was to get another VQ scan to see if clots or whatever it was I had had gone no was his reply I'm not giving you any more scans. just befor Christmas I got a letter with appointment to go for 2 scans o thought nothing of it at the time except happy that whatever it is will be gone . The thing is I didn't read all the pages and have now one says iv to get a sentinel node scan and will be going to theatre the nxt day iv no idea what's going on no one has spoken to me about this !! I don't know what to expect and it says one of the V Q scans are to look only at the nodes of my lungs and iv not to worry, I would really like to get to the bottom of why my life has turned upside down due to being so unwell with breathing problems but I think I should've had a conversation with my specialist befor all this not just a letter can anyone tell me if they've had this done as I can't seem to find anything about it on computer , when I look it's saying you get it done if you've had cancer which iv not . I wish now I had read the letter properly to begin with then I could've contacted him through his secretary , please please any info would be great help to me put my mind at ease iv no idea what kind of surgery or anything to expect . Thank you all so much for listening as is been a terrible worry Reg blood clots without something unknown thanks again , I wish you all a peaceful and healthy new year xx🌹🌹

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Silent infection can cause raise lynth nodes am sure its just to see whats goung on..

If the suspected cancer am sure pet scan would be first port of call after ct.

As to blood clots think you would be coughing bloid up breathless and thumping heart given seen so many.

Hope the get it reslived for you as worry can be as bad.


Hi jeffA thanks for your reply, I have been very breathless and talking bad night sweats and my heart keeps banging out my chest I also just knew there was something different going on iv been so ill and the cough iv had was constant but has eased a lot after 4courses of antibioticsI'm gradually starting to feel Amy cough getting worse well family seem to think so I'm just used to it I think ,I told my consultant I'd started cough up blood again at first like a spray in hankies then gradually worse till it was blobs of blood along with phlegm . My consultant also told me you don't cough up blood clots to get rid of them , turns out I did have a bug called something influenza , can't remember full name for it. I can't do much anymore and feel so weak and useless . I do have copd and asthma and a long line of other health problems , I just found it strange and frightening when I read the last part of the letter saying about the node scan as I'm not sure if that's were blood clots could be . I am just nervous for tomorrow now but keep telling myself to be brave. No dr ever seems to explain thing properly

Thanks for your reply I wish you the best of health


Hi not really sure where blood clots come from.

I thought was poor circulation.

Coughing alot and infections can cause you to cough up blood.

I coughed up odd blob or two AND stress was just as bad.

But infection can cause it too.

A hope your over infection and worse


No. I have chronic clots in my lungs. I am breathless but no coughing blood or thumping heart


Hi I amine the thanks fir your reply, I have very low b12 and get injections every month sometimes I think it could be that it's causing some symptoms iv also got Angina so who knows , I did get a scan of my heart couple of days befor Christmas I'll get results nxt week . I hope your feeling well I send my best wishes 🌹X


Sorry I can't help Shazrab, but just wanted to wish you good luck. Please keep us updated when you get time.


Thank you 🌹


Hi all I hope you are all doing well as possible , I went to hospital yesterday and again today , I'm happy to say I didn't get the sentinel lobe thing done , they said it was a mistake and apologies anyway I got the VQ scan they asked me during it if I had pain exactly were I suffer the most but then didn't tell me anything , I hope the clots are now gone but just wonder how they knew were my pain was . I see the consultant nxt week so I'm hoping for a good result , thanks to you all as this group of lovely people have really helped me get info and support your all great .😄 I am a little nervous but staying positive thanks again x🌹🌹

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