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Fitting of coils

Hi has anyone had coils fitted? I am due to have mine fitted 09/01/2018, but owing to having a chest infection, this is having to go on hold. I had valves fitted 2 years ago, but these didn't work on me, they have decided the coils would be beneficial to me. I am having the right lung done first, then hopefully the left lung done 4 months later.


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An acquaintance of mine did around 6 months ago now. She went from 27% lung function to 70's and can now breathe and walk without oxygen. She said she feels so much better and is so glad she had it done.

The downside is she has had continual chest infections since and said this was because the coils lifted areas of her lungs and all the infection inside could escape.

Good luck with yours. x


Hi hypercat54, thanks very much for your response, so good to know it has worked on your friend


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