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so i had a spiometry done my docs say i dont have copd but im showing sighs of asthma iv been breathless on and off for a year thinking it was just anixty due to triggers every time iv had my chest checked its been clear nothing on it and i dont get chest infections that much iv had a wheeze on and off but from my throat not chest and when iv have they checked me nothing on my chest and then told on Friday my docs told me now i have to wait till Thursday to see nurse to see my results for asthma which look likely my anixty is throw thew the roof im not sure if im feeling breathless due to anixty or asthma all this year. im worried my asthma not controlled people keep telling my doc wont just leave me with a blue inhaler if it was not safe im just so worried i was told all year it was not asthma my chest was clear there no wheeze and chest xray was clear and oxy was good now im being told the ops im do worry it been leadted over a year now every time i feel it i get upset cause they both feel the same there has been a few time i been out of breath out of the blue which made me think its more then anixty but scares me to think asthma cause i got got told no and and now what is this breathing issue im feeling now on and off and and one time that was really bad was waiting for dinner it just came on once i was panicking but it did go when i ate and layed down it went away it worse could they had been asthma attacks then i didnt think anything but now im thinking of what iv been told this is making rethink everything from this year few nights woke up with a tickle which made cough now im not sure what im feeling iv been feeling all year anixty and asthma or just one it felt like anixty but sometime more but i just hope this asthma not badly controlled i hate nighttime and i cant cope in day i just feel it and now i panic its asthma not anixty sorry for long post my breathing feels better when im lay down sometimes im so scared something will happen

i will be phoning docs again tomoz as they reopen


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Sorry your so worried it’s easy to say stop worrying but you’re not helping yourself when you see your nurse they will put you on the right things try to stay calm take the breathe in though your nose slowly and out of the mouth but most of all stay calm really try not to worry it will be fine don’t read to much in to it before you know remember we’re all here to help each other you’re not alone and never will be

I hope this helps stay safe and stay strong 🤓


Hi mini, Stephend gives good advice about trying the pursed lip breathing technique to help with panic and breathlessness.......just breathe in GENTLY through your nose with a relaxed chest , a gentle belly breath, then gently breathe out through your mouth with pursed lips for a slightly longer time than you breathed in. Repeat a few times.

Try and breathe gently at other times too, using your nose not your mouth, with relaxed shoulders and tummy.....gentle breathing.

It's easy to get into a cycle of breathlessness, hyperventilation, anxiety, breathlessness.

I wonder too how much Ventolin you were told to take, and when.

When you wake at night with the tickly cough, until you see your GP, try and sit up, take a few sips of water and breathe gently to gain control. Keep your inhaler near.

Have you discussed your fears and anxieties with your asthma nurse or GP, they can help.

I find relaxation exercises on you tube helpful, also meditation ....I practised that at first with a qualified teacher. Or there is CBT or medication.....a health professional can give you expert advice.

Best wishes .


hi i take 1-2 puffs every 4hrs and im on salamol at moment when i wake at nights it once every while but my mouth so dry i have a drink and finally fall back to sleep


It sounds to me as if you may be having panic attacks. It seems to happen every time you become anxious.

I would suspect whenever you go to the doctors as soon as you try to explain your symptoms you start to panic. He is your GP and there to help you,and so is the nurse. If you explain slowly how you feel, (worried) and of course you symptoms they will be better able to make a proper diagnosis. Just don’t worry, stay calm and all the best with your diagnosis and treatment.


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