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Hopeful new born for me

Hello and happy new year for everyone, this is my second post in this forum and I have learned a lot from this forum, and as my first post said, I am a Beijinger, male, 36 years old, and started to have tight chest and short of breath since 2010, and I have been treated as asthma because the

provocation test(hope I am spelling right) is positive, and the FEV1/FVC is 65% with no reversible with ventolin, I have been put on Symbicort/Seretide/singulair/Fluticasone/fostair in past 6 years and none of them works on me, and every moment, my breath is taken away and I am working as an engineer, I cannot speak with people because I felt SOB all the time and when I started to talk, I will start to stammer, it made me fell very embarrassed, and other than that I can barely sport heavily, I kept hiding my symptom during work by avoiding talking with people and no sport, and anyhow I managed to hide myself successfully, but I knew this is time bomber and sooner or later it will explode, I am just try my best to postpone it happen.

I went to all the different hospital and talk with all the "high-class" doctor, they cannot do anything about it, just kept talking I need relax, I might be too nervous or anxiety, I started to ask for Spiriva and told the doctors I took responsbiltiy for myself, now I took the Spivira with forstair for two month and it didn't improve and I started the combination of Sprvira with Symbicort and now I felt much better than before, i can talk freely to people with long sentence even though sometimes I stlll sneezed. no more stammer for one week. and the sleep is much better than before.

this week is the best week I ever have in the past 6 years, and hope it is not "nothing but a stuff of a day". I am not care what disease I have now but I need more breath.

Thank you for listening to me talk!!!!

Apology for my bad English.

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Hello afraidfuture .

I am sorry to read you have been suffering. And having to hide your symptoms must make you even more exhausted. It is concerning that your breathlessness is continuing like this. Did the doctor not give you any clear diagnosis? How about your family, do they know?

Do share with us here if you feel like it. It's important to get support.

Best wishes to you.

Cas xx 🌟


Thanks for your kind heart, this is very hard to descripe to my relatives even to my parents or wife about my feelings, the applitude or degree of feeling uncomfortable differs to different people, only the persons who experiences this can understand what "we" went through.

I am not blame them about this, I just wanted to shout out my feeling now to "them" who experieced the same.

I managed to do a report sucessfully last Thursday afternoon and I took two puff of Symbicort of course.


My doctors thouht I had more asthma than COPD.

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My doctors also thought I had asthma initially. It's really hard to express our feelings to family. I often find it difficult to be straightforward to them about it.

I am so glad about your report. Just take it a step at a time and a day at a time.

保重 afraidfuture . Take it easy.

Cas xx 🌹


谢谢Caspana, I have not been breathed free for about 6 years, and it has been a long time that I forgot for many years i can breathe freely. I treasure the moment I have.

Hope you experience your moments well.

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😊 非常感谢你 afraidfuture have a good new year's break.



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Wishing you the best of luck, and I hope that you get some answers very soon. Keep pushing. XXX

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I hope it is the dawn before the morning. Thank you!!!!


Hello, happy new year to you too, I wish you better health and happiness for 2018.

I think that anxiety is possibly the cause of your stutter (as I'm sure you know we are not doctors on this forum, just patients with different lung diseases at different levels).

Can you get hold of the English movie 'The King's Speech'. I may help with the stutter.

Also, can pollution play a part in your breathing problems? Were you brought up in cigarette smoke as a child? All these things can play a part in our lung health. I hope you can find a way to alleviate the anxiety and stress. Perhaps accept a mild anti-depressant from your doctors, it can help you sleep so you won't have to take the addictive sleeping tablets.

Here we would try breathing techniques to improve our breathing and shortness of breath. We find demonstrations on YouTube - can you get YouTube in China? There is 'pursed lip breathing' and 'deep diaphragm breathing', I find both of these very useful. The deep diaphragm breathing helps with stress & anxiety too.

As you're in China will you try Tai Chi and also acupuncture?

Good luck to you afraidfuture. Peege


hello, peege,thabk you for your suggest, I thought doctor tended to comfort me with anxitety or nervious when they run out of ideas, I knew the pressure or depression plays role in asthma,but in my case, ashtma caused SOB, STAMMER, or even depression, not the other way around.

i smoked for about 8 years in my 20s,and quit smoking for about 8years now.

The breathe tech you mentioned i will practice for sure. I need to VPNed to get acess to youtube.

Hope 2018 is a fresh start for me and best wishes to you.


Hiya, I have emphysema and take spiriiva, 24 hour treatment which I take at 10pm. In March 2017 I was taken off seretide and put on Relvar again 24 hour treatment which I take at 11am. A white device with yellow cap.

As relvar was so good for me they took me off spiriva and put me on the relvar for the evening , again 24 hour treatment, white device green cap.

Within 3 days waking up with laboured breathing so went back on spiriva. Reported this to the doc.

I also have asthma and take ventolin. This one I mainly use during the the ‘pollen’ times ie trees April may, weeds September but I am not affected by grass pollen. Can’t cope with smelly candles/oils,

I do not have any aerosols in the house or those horrendous plug in smellies, full of chemicals.

I also have to use ventolin during frosty/damp days.

Sorry to waffle on but you did message me. so I hope my reply has helped. Having just come through

3 month exacerbation and really struggled, I

sympathise with all of you in the same boat as me.

Wishing you all a Happy 2018



Hello, Ermintrude, Sorry to reply back so late, I have been busy in doing stuffs to keep my jobs, even though the sprivia made lots of difference to me, in your thread you mentioned about "relvar" , what do you think about this medicine? Is it effective for you? I am eating the combo of sybicont/sprivia/singluair, I am intested in the "relvar".


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